Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Version (8/2)

It only took about 5 hours, but hey, it's a new version!

Major Features
- Added the first level of the Business Career in full. You can work at the job, get paid, and experience random events. (though I just realized that I forgot to include the "no event" conditional, so look for version 8/2A for that to be fixed. Should only take a couple of minutes)

Minor Features
- Dildo panties readded, now that they work.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the problem with the upper ear earrings not being able to be worn if they're removed.
- Fixed the problem with every day being a work day.
- Fixed the error that resulted in the days not being updated properly if you didn't skip the intro.
- Updated the Traits status selection to show Reformed Feet information.
- Hopefully fixed the problem of the game telling you that you can't go to work because the club is closed.
- Typos.

Version 8/2a
- Fixed the "no event" conditional for the secretary.

Version 8/2b
- Fixed the "it's always a work day" error. For real this time.  

Known Bugs
- Traveling to the Services job or the Publisher job prevents you from going home. 
- You can go to your first day before you should be able to, which makes the game unwinnable. Will be fixed in the next version, but for now, just make sure you go to your first day on Monday, not before. 
- The game runs a little slowly: updates between rooms seem to take way too much time. This is likely due to having too many timers running. I'll optimize tomorrow. 


  1. Actualy, you did'nt fix the problem with all days beeing workdays, you only get the warning in the morning for wensday to saturday but in the early afternoon you get the message that you shuld go to work and you can go to work every day.

  2. nice responstime there, I posted the comment and started downloading the 8/2a version and when I checked to see if the download is complete a little later the bug I reported is already fixed.

  3. after you check for the interview on the first day at the services for hire agency, you cannot go home

  4. bug: after having sex with the vp, you can go home or work.

  5. if you go for the secretaire job on the first day (just after accepting that job from the folder) you appear to be in the office complex, but no action can be taken

  6. in the business job, after having sex with the VP, the time becomes late night not late afternoon

  7. Addictive game, I'm always looking forward to updates, even if I still haven't been able to have sex.
    Bugs: " You have puny, barely visible muscles, which are clearly visible on your lean, fit body"
    Barely visible muscles AND clearly visible? You could probably stick with puny, or even puny, weak muscles... (this was 8.4)
    Using exclusively weights in 8.2b resulting in puny, non-existant muscles.
    In 8.2b the weight loss powder never ran out.
    In 8.4: home layout is a bit skewed. NW to the patio, then NE to the kitchen? Feels like the kitchen should be east, or the patio W of the living room.