Monday, August 1, 2011

New Version (8/1)

A new version appears! Please note that, despite the import/export feature, previous features will not work with this version.

Major Changes
- The reformed feet trait should now work as intended. There's a little bit of magic involved, in that your sneakers can still be worn even if you can no longer wear heels, but that's intentional, since I can't confirm that the player has shoes, and I don't want to rewrite the checks that are required for leaving the apartment.
- The first days for all three remaining jobs have been implemented, so that you can at least see what the places look like, as well as see your immediate supervisor.
- The first job of the business career has been half implemented. You can work at the job, but there are no random events yet, and no possibility of promotion, but now that the groundwork has been laid, I should be able to put that in tomorrow.

Bug Fixes
- Thanks to Ehlanna, the import/export feature should now be working. Fingers crossed.
- You should no longer have any problems with the shoes at the stripper job (it was calling a variable that no longer exists).
- Finally added descriptions for the leather dress (it was overlooked) and the dildo panties. Still haven't added the stripper clothes.

Future Plans
- Came up with an idea for an alternate clothing grid that will show if your arousal is greater than 50%, so I'll be looking into that.
- Obviously, I want to finish the jobs I've partially implemented.


  1. I think there is a bug, when you try to play after the first day at Secretary work, the message sais "The club isn't open today..." And you cannot go further that first day...
    For the blogger job, you cannot speak to Adam (there is no option)

  2. There is also a bug with the service career when I go there for my first day I get a message about arriving too late at the newspaper office and Adam not being there