Saturday, August 6, 2011

Emergency 8/5b Update

Turns out that, with all the features I added, I forgot to turn a couple on. Go me.

Bug Fixes
- The command to visit the building manager's office now activates properly on the day after rent is due. Also set it up so that, if you do end up visiting the building manager, you only have 29 days until rent is next due, not 30 (slight oversight on my part).
- Added a command to enable you to use breast firming cream after buying it.
- Fixed a bug allowing you to wear the white gown or the slutty schoolgirl outfit home.
- Fixed a minor bug that prevented you from wearing the medium stripper heels properly, even when your skill was (just barely) adequate.

Planning Completed
- New drug system that's significantly less morally objectionable, at least in my eyes.
- TF changes planned for three different forms.
- Events for the next few levels of the stripper and secretary job.


  1. After sleeping the night of the bar event (beginning) I can't get into the kitchen it says I should go to bed.

  2. Never mind didn't notice shower prompt.

  3. I've just downloaded iStripper, so I can watch the sexiest virtual strippers stripping on my taskbar.