Monday, August 8, 2011

Update 8/8

New version today. A lot of minor updates, a few majors. No bug fixes.

Just found out that the next stable release of RAGS will include variable grouping. A happy anonymous man is I today.

Major Updates
- More promotions are available for the stripper job. You can now be promoted from Novice Stripper, to Stripper, to Exotic or Private Dancer (Private Dancer isn't implemented yet, I ran out of time). While Stripper is very similar to Novice Stripper, Exotic Dancer has a whole host of new, random opportunities.
- You can now buy magazines at the book store. Magazines are one-use items that change a few stats. Generally speaking if the magazine predominantly features guys, it will shift your preference towards guys, and if it predominantly features girls, it will shift your preference towards girls. There are also other effects.

Minor Updates
- You no longer have to confirm actions that take time (with the exception of returning home from the mall, because I forgot about it, I think).
- When leaving your house, rather than defaulting to sneakers, you should put on the last footwear that you had on.
- New command on the dresser and locker: Get Dressed. This should detect the last underwear and set of clothes you put on, and automatically put them on again. Note that this is untested, so bug reports would be very helpful.
- New command on the bookshelf: Clean Up. If you've purchased things that belong on the bookshelf before buying the bookshelf, this command should put those items on the bookshelf.
- Added a command to the testing device: Anonymous Donation. Adds 100 cash, so you don't have to max out your money.

Update 8/8a (Emergency Update)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash whenever you left the apartment. Note to self: don't make timers call themselves or RAGS will kill itself on an infinite loop.
- Added a command to activate the Get Dressed command referenced above on the closet, not the dresser.

Known Bugs:
- For some very, very weird reason, the gold lighter is not counted as a lighter for the purposes of smoking. Hang on to the disposable while I figure that one out.
- The dance studio is very rudimentary and broken.
- On the stripper path, you have to advance time in order to leave. This is actually because I noticed an error in the coding (rather than properly advancing time twice, it was set up to advance time once then set the time manually), but thought it was fixed.
- There's no "Get Dressed" option on the locker at the strip club, because I forgot to activate it.
- The "Get Dressed" command seems to miss the medium heels (unconfirmed)
- Masturbation still has a confirm option.
- Magazines can be read during the Late Night time block, when it should be prohibited.
- Still possible to drink milk, even when the milk has been discarded.


  1. Bug: Skipping the intro then going to the mall makes RAGS crash.

  2. It's not just skipping the intro. Even not skipping the intro and trying to go to the mall made it crash for me.

  3. Working in the erotic job line, can't go home after work. Used skip intro and get dress command. Only after using the advance time cheat can I go home, changed evening to night.

  4. Bug: the get dress command doesn't auto-equipt the medium heels or higher(probably just tested the medium heels) at the stipper job.

  5. After stripping/re-dressing at the Strip Club, I return home without shoes. (They magically appear when I leave the apartment to go anywhere, but it is a little odd.)
    As Lee mentioned, working at the club requires an advance time cheat to return home.
    Masturbating still has a time-elapse confirmation, but I don't know if that's intended.

  6. Will future events take the character's sexuality into account, being a lesbian, bi or hetero?

  7. Magazines can be read at any time of the day (even "Late Night" when other actions are forbidden).

  8. It is still possible to drink milk after it's been discarded upon exiting the shower. The milk itself disappears, but the command remains active on the pump.

  9. It is possible to sit in the mall and infinitely go to the dance studio and it never gets later than late night. While useful to test it still is a little odd, since you can still shop after the mall normally closes.

  10. stuck in manager's office, no option works.

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