Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update 8/9

Maybe someday I'll have better titles for all these update posts. Someday. But not today.

Major Features
- Added the Private Dancer job, along with the possibility of getting promoted even further (but that's not coded in yet, so you should probably reject it if/when it comes up).

Minor Features
- Turned off all the remaining confirmations.

Bug Fixes
- You can no longer read magazines during the Late Night time block.
- The dance studio will now send you home automatically when the mall closes. It's still not properly implemented, and is really just a stopgap measure right now.
- The Eroticism career now properly uses up the right amount of time, so you shouldn't have to advance time to go home.
- You can no longer drink breast milk when it's disposed off.


  1. what are the requirements for the private dancer job? I keep getting the exotic dancer job offer.

  2. Once you wear the dildo panties, it attempts to put them on you whenever the automatic dressing routine goes, including the shoes and strip club. Even when the dildo panties are not in your inventory/ownership after having been destroyed after a body form change

  3. For the Secretary job, having your clothing become unwearable pretty much totally prevents you from going to work for that day.
    Maybe an early morning house call for a tailor or some other alternative that would at least allow you to go to work and maintain job performance/bring home the monies.

  4. Similar to Anon #2, wearing the tie bra and panties once causes the game to always put them on you if you choose the "Get Dressed" option, even if they're not at your location.

  5. Anon #1) The requirements are similar to the exotic dancer. However, your dancing doesn't need to be as high (doesn't need to improve at all, actually), and your natural charisma and fitness need to be higher than the requirements for the exotic dancer. Natural charisma is pretty hard to increase right now, which may be why it's hard to get the job.

    Anon #2 and #4) That would be because I didn't put in a check to see if underwear is still available. Sigh. I'll fix that.

    Anon #3) This has been brought up elsewhere. I'm working on a (limited) solution that I haven't figured out how to implement yet.

  6. Please add more ways to increase your natural charisma, like the mirror to practice your speech in the sims. I played for hours and my charisma was pathetic while my other status were max out.

  7. I'm not sure if RAGS would support this without stupid amounts of extra work, but the 'ideal' solution would be to make clothes have a 1 size difference lee-way, which when reached gives a warning message when worn like "Hmmm it is feeling a little tight." and "It is a somewhat loose on me."

  8. hi, this is probably a silly question, but my rags player keeps saying the game file is unreadable. I made sure to have the current version, anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

  9. It seems like the breast cream and breast firming cream no longer work. Even when I set mine to a B cup, they never respond - unless you added an element of randomness about when or if the cream actually does anything. This could be related to the fact that my character is lactating, and I missed a day of pumping.