Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Stayed up far too late last night finishing Ghost Story, so I'm pretty exhausted today.

There will still be a stream, but if I can't focus my attention, it might not be about the making of Cursed, and instead end up being me playing games. No guarantees.

Of note, I did receive a request to have "random" stylist functions at the salon, where things like nail color, hair style and makeup can be randomly assigned in a kind of "what the heck did you do to me" way. Kind of reminds me of Misadventures At The Mall, at least the beginning bit. This would require me to implement nail color (and possibly growth [short, medium, long nails]), as well as finalize the makeup system that I haven't implemented, but once I do, this could be interesting. Maybe for a discount, you let Genevieve have her way with you, and whether you're startled or ecstatic about the results depends on a bunch of other factors...something to think about.

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