Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update 8/11 (Version 8/11a, Scroll Down)

For 4 and a half hours of work, you'd think I'd have done a lot more. Sadly, no. But there is some new stuff.

Major Updates
- The drug dealer has returned, with a variety of new and bizarre concoctions available for sale. Some are easy to identify, all will require at least one use before you know what they do, and several feature the possibility of addiction. There will eventually be a way of consistently finding the drug dealer, but for now, it's a 20% chance when you leave the mall.

Minor Updates
- You can no longer take the publishing or services job. The folders are still available, but the Take The Job action has been deactivated.
- Trust Fund on the testing device has been deactivated to allow better determination of cash flow balance (do you make enough money to get things? Not enough? Are you worried about paying rent every month or is it barely a drop in the pool?).
- When you buy jewelry of any kind, you'll receive the container item "jewelry" in your inventory. This will contain all your jewelry that you're wearing so that your inventory doesn't get massively cluttered. When accessories are added, there will be a container item for them as well. Should open and close easily.
- Added a "corridor" in the middle of the apartment, letting you go from the kitchen to the bedroom and from the bathroom to the living room. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're playing the intro, you can use the new corridor to get to the kitchen after getting back from the bar. Don't, it will break the game. I'll fix that in the next update (just realized it while I was typing this).
- Having sex at work will always reduce your inhibitions by 1 now.

Bug Fixes
- You can no longer go to your first day on the job more than once.
- Adjusted the Private Dancer job offer. Now, if you're qualified for both Private Dancer and Exotic Dancer, declining the Exotic promotion will offer the Private promotion (previously, if you were qualified for both, you would only be offered the Exotic promotion).
- Using the "Get Dressed" command after leaving the apartment with no underwear will no longer force you to wear the last set of underwear you'd ever worn (i.e. you can use Get Dressed and end up wearing no underwear, if that's what you were wearing the last time you left your apartment).
- Fixed a problem with the random travel event that changes your hair color. If you hair color was already changing, it was supposed to preempt the random event from changing the color, but I got the logic backwards.

Future Plans
- Started work on the bar. It will eventually be a place where you can pick people up for one-night-stands, meet friends, and get drunk, among other things.
- Need to add a feature to show the player's current inhibition level.

Version 8/11a
- Fixed the drug dealer.
- Fixed the jewelry container so it can open and close.
- Couple of typo corrections.

Planned Tweaks
- New changes to the clothing system: the range for fitting properly (without any messages) will be narrowed from 20 points of fitness to 10. However, you'll still be able to wear clothing within that 20 points of range, but, when you reach the upper 5 or lower 5 points, you'll receive a notice that they don't fit quite right, and you'll be able to get them tailored. So, you can still wear the clothes in the same range, but the trigger for getting them tailored will activate before you can no longer wear them.
- Another planned change for the clothing system is the ability to alter clothes yourself. This will be considered a half skill, like Heels Skill, which means it will go from 0 to 50. However, you will need to invest money (to buy the equipment) and time (to build up the alteration skill) that could be better used on other things, and regardless of how high your skill gets, you'll only be able to alter one outfit per time period, so using the tailor, while costing money (the cost of which is under review), will still be the superior option.


  1. Awesome game.

    minor bug - the jewelry container does not open/close in your inventory, so you can always see all of the piercings.

    typo - when wearing the t-shirt and jeans without underwear, the description when you examine yourself "Your bare breasts are quick visible through the fabric " - should be quite visible.

  2. Bugs:
    The drugs don't get transfered to your inventory and the "milk" can still be drunk before you buy it.

  3. 3 bugs, I've noticed I can never actually buy the blue liquid, it says I don't have enough money even when I have upwards of 2000, I can drink the "milk" right from his inventory, and it does not seem to actually be adding the drugs to my purse when I buy them.

  4. Issue: Even after you find the drug peddler he can keep on being found. Sometimes I've found him 3 times in a row.(Annoying whn you just want to go home.

  5. "SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2" where you can download?

  6. typo: Stripper path, special event when the drunk gets on the stage with you: "act as though it's all part of the show, under the bartendress on duty manages "

    Should be "until the bartendress on duty"

  7. typo: Stripper path, description of show:

    Most of the patrons are quite appreciate of the show,


  8. It's perfect, waiting the future updates.

    Do you planing the pregnancy ending?

  9. What do you need to become private dancer?

    these stats aren't enough:

    Charisma: You feel like you're better at this than women who haven't been men most of their lives. Heads turn as you walk past, you know it, and you like it.
    Body Shape: You have weak but visible muscles, which are extremely visible, thanks to your supermodel body shape.

    Looks like you're in pretty good shape, in terms of fitness. Alice is pretty satisfied.

    There's a note from Alice about your dancing that she's observed. Looks like she's pretty impressed.

    There's a note from Alice about your confidence and poise, and she's very impressed with it.

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