Monday, August 22, 2011

Update 8/22

New version up.

Major Additions
- Added a monthly cycle, or rather the beginnings of it. Currently, the monthly cycle affects fertility only. Eventually, it will affect other things (people will not have sex with a woman on the rag, for example).
- Activated the RAGS command to remove the picture frame.

Minor Updates
- There are new jewelry options at the jewelry store that don't require piercing.
- A new jewelry box will contain any jewelry you're not wearing. Note that jewelry is not automatically removed ever.
- Tattoos now require lowered inhibitions in order to get them. Tramp stamps (lower back tattoos) will eventually require lower inhibitions than other tattoos.
- Added three new levels for hair growth: "very long, thigh-length", "very long, knee-length", "very long, calf-length".

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the platform shoes (and boots) again. Hopefully the height bonus is working as intended now.
- Fixed the ankle tattoos. RAGS improperly nested one of the conditionals.
- Edited the magazines a bit so that their effects are a little more obvious.
- Edit the "Harmony" tattoo, so that it now applies the proper tattoo. Also, the effect of the "Harmony" tattoo is conditionally based on what your career focus is.
- You can't continually go to the bar anymore. You can go once a day, and if you go before the Late Night time period, it will advance time.
- Fixed arousal when looking for a date. Before, it would only allow you do look for a date if you were less than 50% aroused (or had low inhibitions). It's now working as intended: arousal > 50% will let you look for a date.
- Inebriation will reset at the end of the day, when you sleep.
- Getting laid from a random encounter at the bar will allow you to sleep if you weren't able to sleep before.
- Sleeping with anyone in the bar will lower your inhibitions by 1.
- Using Skip Intro correctly removes Brian, Mike, and the three guys from the bar.
- The exit out to the back alley in the Bar is disabled after the intro. 

Known Bugs
- The leather/latex fetish seems to be able to lower your inhibitions permanently and very quickly.


  1. The download link doesn't seem to be working...

  2. @poster #1: Looks like Mediafire had some issues, but it seems to be working now.

  3. Very fun so far. Is there going to be any way to test your fertility once pregnancy is implemented?

  4. @Poster 3: No, fertility will be a flat chance. I'll make sure to note what the chances are when pregnancy is implemented, though.