Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update 8/23

IMPORTANT NOTE: The game engine has been updated to RAGS There's a link to where to download it on the changelog on the right. The game may work in, but to be safe, you should update to

Major Updates:
- Maria returns (day 45). Note that her task is a work-in-progress that I'm hoping to finish this week.
- You can now get pregnant, but you cannot give birth. Pregnancy is not yet fully implemented (and likely won't be for a while, though I'll keep plugging away at it).

Minor Updates:
- Periods now require you to use tampons. If you don't have any tampons, you will be prevented from wearing underwear for the rest of the day. More effects will be added over time.

Bug Fixes:
- The update to engine version 2.2.6 should fix the problem that people were having with the name dialog box at the beginning of the game popping under the game and preventing you from playing it.


  1. quick bug... you begin with your period, and the tampons are not working. Plus, being with the period and no tampon, should give you a charisma malus...

  2. L4urie, I have a similar problem, only it seems like time doesn't pass in the overall sense because the period seems to last for weeks at a time.

  3. Reporting the same problem as the first two posters.

  4. I'm having the same problem as well. Also may I suggest that maybe you could put something in vitals to tell us when we are having are period or not.

  5. Bug report:

    At Maria's Second Coming, she tells you to get dressed and you'll talk.

    You get dressed, but the options that appear for speaking to her are the first ones, for the first time you find her in the bar, and you have no other choice of options, so the game ends at this point right now...