Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update 8/24

Not much in terms of substantive updates, but laying a lot of groundwork for the eventual "first mission".

Major Updates
- You can now actually talk to Maria on day 45 and find out why she's there.
- New character, and new item interaction (yes, a new interaction is a big deal)

Minor Updates
- Adjusted the pay rate for the Eroticism career, so that you actually get paid more. Note that the job descriptions (currently) don't reflect the new pay rate, as I'm just testing a couple of things here.
- Tramp stamps now require a lower inhibition than other tattoos (65 or less).

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the problem with underwear not being able to be worn ever.
- Fixed a problem with non-natural charisma not being able to go below 0, which would end up giving you permanent bonuses to non-natural charisma.
- Fixed a problem with Futanari: the change started after 25 points, but the trait wasn't added until 40 points. Should now activate properly at 40 points.

Future Plans
- Skill increases will have caps on how high they can go based on what's actually increasing them. So, for example, in the novice stripper job, you will only be able to increase your dancing skill to, say, 25. Once you get promoted to stripper, the cap will increase to 40.

On another note, donations seem to have dropped off. Just a friendly reminder: if there's something you'd like to see in the game, donations are the way to go, and if I hit the goal for the week, then I'll continue uploading new versions next week.


  1. With the latest version, after the transformation and job selection, I am unable to wear the white panties and bra.
    There is no text for it, it simply doesn't happen. I will test other underwear options to see if the problem is just for the "starter" set or applies to all of them.

  2. And, indeed, it applies to all underwear. No refusal text, they simply aren't worn.

  3. Seems to kill the right side info box on load in RAGS.

  4. On my first day on the job as a waitress its telling me that alice is upset that i missed my first day

  5. You should post how much money you need to reach the goal because that may motive some people to give you 5 bucks if thats all you need etc...

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