Friday, August 12, 2011

Version 8/12

Last version this week (baring any game breaking bug fixes).

Major Updates
- Maria has decided to drop in on you once.
- You can now get a limited selection of tattoos. The system isn't fully implemented (I ran out of time), but you can choose from four tramp stamps. Unfortunately, right now you can spam the tattoos endlessly, but that will be fixed in the next version.

Minor Updates
- Surprisingly, none.

Bug Fixes
- You can no longer use the mirror to pose endlessly into the night. By the by, the Pose command increases your Natural Charisma by 1 each use, up to maximum of 20.
- Tweaked a couple of things in the Import/Export utility, so that femininity and hair length should now carry over properly (not from previous versions, but from this version on).
- Fixed the private dancer job requirements: it needed a job performance of 20, compared to the exotic dancer which only needed 15. Both now require 15.

Edit: Goddammit, this branching job offer things is going to be the fucking death of me. I'm working out a different way for it to work, so for anyone that's super-pissed that they STILL can't get the private dancer promotion, I'll have something new in place on Monday's update.


  1. Would it be possible to change the rent from a 30-day timer (I'm assuming) to an event that occurs on the first of every month? With the Import/Export feature, the timer seems to reset, so rent is often due in the middle of the month (which makes it difficult to manage finances to reserve the $600).

  2. I still don't get offered private dancer when I decline exotic dancer not even with supermodel body and charisma: Heads turn wherever you go, watching as the beautiful, confident, stylish woman walks by. If only they knew the truth, but then, when you look this good, and feel this good, what does the past matter?

    And I can't alter this discription even with spamming tramp stamps

  3. weight kit purchase description seems to be the wrong type:

    "weight kit - Buy
    You pay the cashier, who puts your purchase in a bag and hands it to you with a smile."

    Seems that it should be the description where it's delivered

  4. Anon #1) It's something I've been looking at. Turns out, using features you're not at all familiar with makes it difficult to tweak them later.

    Anon #2) Stupid fucking conditionals.

    Anon #3) That would be true...if the weight kit was a weight machine. But it's not: it's just a bunch of free weights in a carry case. I suppose I could make that more clear.

  5. In regards to #2... (This answer coming from the guy who bugged you the last couple days on stream about private/exotic, btw)

    I got it to work. If you ask for more information and then decline the exotic position, you'll go straight home.

    If you decline the exotic position immediately, you'll be offered the private dancer position immediately after.

    This worked for me, after I had been bugging AM about it the last 2 days. So your conditional method seems to work, it just might need a little tweaking here or there.

  6. There is something wrong with the slave trait. The masssage that you get it appears every turn, but it never actually get's added.
    Also you meet the two Gentlemen surprisingly often as private dancer.

    By the by the slave trait needs to unlock a collar with a tag reading: "Property of Maria"

  7. Addition:
    No better make Maria add the Tag when she notices you are wearing a collar

  8. Giving the wealthy female client a 'happy ending' as a private dancer, gives you points towards 'straight' rather than 'lesbian'

  9. Odd thing I noticed with the automatic shoe check. It checks if you're wearing shoes after it does any events, so if you get say the hair event as you travel you put the shoes on after getting the event. It doesn't make a difference but it just looks odd when reading.

  10. One minor bug - when going back home from the mall if you encounter the drug dealer, it deposits you in the living room, not the foyer.

  11. Just noticed this: when you wear the leather dress over the leather undies, it "squeeks", which should be "squeaks"

    Enjoying this so far, keep up the good work.