Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update 8/30

Some important stuff happened today!

Major Updates
- The lab is mostly complete. You can go through the entire complex (in theory, assuming no bugs), and get into trouble. You can even reach the "treasure rooms" at the end, though the items you get don't do anything (yet). I should be able to get everything else fixed and fully implemented (except maybe the items) tomorrow.

Minor Updates
- One I forgot to mention before: handcuffs. And no, they're actually not (really) sex objects.

Bug Fixes
- The Security Guard encounter should now work properly when he invites you back to his home.
- Non-piercing jewelry is fixed, and no longer requires you to take it off twice.
- Makeup should now properly apply non-natural charisma bonuses and reductions. Should.
- Fixed a bug with the slut sex trait that kept "None" in the sex trait line.


  1. I've downloaded both the previous and current version of your game and each time I open them I get a messege saying "sorry this rags game file is unreadable." Can someone help?

  2. @Mike: Check the size of the file you're downloading. If it's less than 22mb (or so), then you've got a corrupted download. Trying downloading again.

  3. @Dave I just downloaded again (22.96mb file) and got the same error.

  4. found a bug in 8/30, the shoe rack in the Foyer seems to be missing

  5. Are you using rags ?

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  7. Why not working yoga mat (no any effect)?

  8. @Mike i got that problem too. It is alright when i play using my computer but after i copy it to my laptop it won't work
    And i also use rags

  9. I've managed to fix it! Without having a clue what to do I just downloaded every version of RAGS, everyone up to 2.2.6 didn't work but 2.2.7 does so it must've been a RAGS problem. btw this game is great keep up the good work, now I just got to find out where the lab is xD

  10. Where do you find the lab?

  11. I still can't seem to get Victor to do anything after he invites me home. Do I need to completely restart my game to get it to work, or can I just play using the new engine/game?