Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update 8/31

Didn't get around to the extra objects, but that's for tomorrow. For now, the lab is complete!

Major Updates
- The EH Laboratory is now complete, barring any bugs.

Minor Updates
- You can steal items from the laboratory, which currently don't do anything. You'll eventually be able to sell them for cash, or keep them for special effects.

Bug Fixes
- Somehow, the shoe rack was removed from the foyer. I didn't remove it, so I'm blaming it on RAGS. But it's back.
- Makeup should (once again) work as intended.
- Jewelry can now only be worn if you're not already wearing jewelry in that location. In addition, the silver chain bracelet now works properly (i.e. it can be worn!).

Known Issues
- Apparently I forgot to activate the Go To The Lab command? Dammit.
- Makeup permanently lowers your non-natural charisma at the end of the day.
- You can seduce the guard three times in one day if you play your cards right, this is, obviously, not supposed to occur.

Also, important question: are people able to go to the bar more than once a day? Because you're not supposed to be able to go to the bar more than once a day.


  1. 8/30 seems to be on the DL link.

  2. Has anyone made to the lab yet?

  3. Make up only works enough to offset the daily degradation of your non-natural charisma.

    So if you miss a day, that's charisma lost permanantly.

  4. I can't get RAGS =(
    Can you please link me to it ? :S

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  6. i have gone to the bar about 2 times per night

  7. I can't get to the lab at all. I've befriended and "drunked" the guard, getting his keys, but there's no "Lab" in the places to go from the Front Door. And the Mysterious Woman has arrived at my room, but I can't talk to her, so she's stuck there. =\

    I've also been able to go to the bar more than once a day. I typically go at night.

    Also, is Pregnancy implemented yet?

  8. some ideas to add in house hold

    add washer and dryer once a week you have to do laundry or your clothes will stink

    at the start when you transform add a hint section to explain stats system and tips how to improve and lower them
    or a read me section on a sep dl

  9. I'm new to this game (found a link on Fenoxo's blog) and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
    I'm stuck in the intro when it says I should go home. Only problem is that I can only go between the back alley and bar. There are no more green circles in RAGS. I have RAGS 2.2.7 from the linked thread.
    Do I have to use Skip Intro? And where does it put me?

  10. plz make it so you can subscribe for magazine, so you don't have to go back and buy every time. And plz make it easier to lower inhibition. As it stands you can be a nymphomaniac slut that is very inhibited.

  11. @Yaroslav You dont have to use skip intro, to the left of the screen where it says Fens bar there's a box which should have a green border, right click and choose "return home" (or something similar).