Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update 9/1

Man, it's September? When did that happen?

By the by, updated to RAGS version There's a link to it in the changelog on the right.

Major Additions
- Lab is now accessible. I forgot to activate the command. The only thing that should be missing (intentionally) from the lab is the possibility of dealing with the police. Also, the "Unique Outfit" option for successfully completing Maria's request isn't in, because I don't yet have the outfit planned out.

Minor Updates
- Added a couple few new items. There is now a computer available for purchase, with some software for skill increases, and a guitar. Both end up in the kitchen, because the kitchen needed some love.

Bug Fixes
- Makeup should not decrease your non-natural charisma at the end of the day infinitely anymore. Maybe.
- You should not be able to go to the bar more than once a day anymore.

Reported Problems
- The "Go To The Lab" command doesn't do anything. That's actually much better than it not showing up, because I can fix that. First thing tomorrow.
- After the completion of the first mission, Maria leaves, but the exits are not reactivated, which traps you.
- When playtesting myself, I noticed that, when you get to the "meat" of the game, actions and room transitions seem to take forever. I'm unsure if it's just my computer, because I was running in debug mode, or if the game itself is straining. Please let me know if you notice significant (greater than 1 second) delays after any action. I'll have to optimize (again) if it is a problem.


  1. Is there anyway i can update my old save to the new release so i dont have to start over every time to use any new content?

  2. found a couple of bugs

    something is decreasing my non natural charisma, I haven't found out what's causing it though (don't think It's the makeup though since I haven't used any)

    it's possible to play the guitar as far into the night as you like, I went from 0dex to 50dex in one evening

  3. The lab still appears to be inaccessible in the 9-1 release (RAGS v. What's supposed to be the trigger that enables traveling there? Reading the "piece of paper", or searching Victor's body?

  4. @1st post: No, unfortunately, due to the way the game is set up, you cannot use a save from an older version with a newer version. This is an engine limitation, unfortunately.

    @Bishop: The guitar (and computer) were rather hastily set up, so they don't yet have time of day checks. Tomorrow.

    @3rd post: After reading the third note ("piece of paper"), the command on the front door to "Go To The Lab" is made active. Victor doesn't have anything to do with it (and you don't even have to interact with him to complete the mission).

  5. bug 1: the lab is still inaccessible to me.

    bug 2: my hair doesn't grow anymore.

  6. I can't get this version to run, yesterday's version worked fine, and i'n running rags 2.2.7, I keeps telling me the file is unreadable

  7. I read the third note and I managed to get the card and keys from victor, but still no go to lab option here either.

  8. Addendum: After the mission's time had passed and Maria came back she was disappointed i didn't achieve the goal (previously she did nothing), however after she left I'm now stuck in my room.

  9. I only ever see any slowdown at all if I've been playing for a few hours. A simple process of saving, closing Rags, opening it again and loading fixes it.

  10. The slowdown is because of how much text it's keeping track of in RAGS. It's not because of any Optimization that has to happen, it's just because RAGS' history does not clear until you restart RAGS, and as such everything you've done is there. Since this is actually a somewhat text heavy game(Which is a really, -really- good thing) that means that once you've been playing for a while, things can take long(for text) to update.

  11. no real slowdown for me

  12. Basically, when the game starts to slow down, save your game and restart rags. Instant fix.

  13. lab still doesn't show up.

  14. I've read the note Maria left behind but I still see no way to reach the labs when I leave the apartment.

  15. Even after rejecting the mission to break into the labs, Maria arrived after I assume 14 days and the game acted as if I had accepted the quest and failed. I was also left stuck in the room with no exits after she left.

  16. i got the card and keys from vic but i have nothing telling me i can go to the lab ><

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  18. The penalty to natural charisma from wearing tll heels without the needed level of skill is permanant. It stays after you remove the heels, and is applied again when next you put them on.

    When you eventually max out heels skill, the bonus you get is not is not permanent, however.

    Don't know if this works with other heels, or just the tall ones, but it's probably the drain on non-natural mentioned by an earlier commentator.

  19. I find it tedious that I have to try on all my clothes to find the ones that don't fit before I can go to the tailor.

    I am hoping this will be rectified at a later date.

  20. I also am having trouble with the lab. Got Vic's keys and card but cannot get to the break in.

    Also you and the note mention the way to break in without interacting with Vic but I never have the option to call Maria's friend for the gear to rob the lab myself...

  21. i cant even run the game, rags says the game file is unreadable. im running with rags 2.2.7