Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update 8/17 (Version 8/17a, Scroll Down)

New stuff today. Not as much as I'd like, but I'll take what progress I can get. Also, officially over 20Mb in size!

Major Updates
- You can now go to the bar. While at the bar, you can get drinks (to get drunk), and also try to get a "date" for the evening. Currently, the chances of getting a date are very, very low (3%), because only three of the eventual 100 patrons has been added. Obviously, more will be added over time.

Minor Updates
- When trying to sleep with arousal over 90%, you may get the message that you can't sleep due to your arousal (50% chance). If this is the case, you will need to lower your arousal somehow before trying again.
- Having the Breast Fetish trait will now prevent your breasts from shrinking to less than a c-cup.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed footwear again.
- If you fail to get the phone numbers from all three girls at the start of the game, Maria will have a special dialogue (it was always there, but there was a variable mismatch).

Known Bugs
- The drug dealer doesn't disappear properly when you leave the mall.
- In specific circumstances, it's possible to make the temporary inhibition decrease from leather/latex fetish permanent.

Future Plans
- Lactation will eventually require you to unlock Breast Fetish first.

Version 8/17a

Just wouldn't be an update without an emergency bug fix, would it?

- Fixed the bar so that it should be working properly, and you can go home.


  1. At the bar: You are unable to leave unless you hook up. Also time doesn't pass as you "fish"

  2. Addendum: The guys from before are still there.

    Man, Dude, and Guy.

  3. The bar seems broken, can't drink, or leave for some reason.

  4. continuing from previous poster

    If you fuck the person who is left in the alley from last time you where at the bar you get to start from the place where you last fucked him, that is maria is at the apartment and you get to choose a job again

  5. How exactly does one get the breast fetish trait, anyway?

  6. Bug: Non-Natural Charisma bonuses from makeup stack. Applying makeup over and over

  7. Latex and Leather Fetishes don't import. Futa doesn't import, but the value does, so you begin progressing in it immediately.
    Cum Addict doesn't seem to import at all.
    Job Progress doesn't import at all.

    It's really hard to find someone in the bar, and it always seems to be the same woman who rejects you. It's not possible to get a drink afterwards

  8. i seem to be stuck in a rut at the bar as it says im not in the mood to look for a date right now no matter what i do and keeps displaying the "you have had to much" message whenever i attempt to order a drink even if its my first one

  9. seemed to have fixxed it

  10. nope nevermind cant order a drink for some reason, keeps displaying drunk messgage