Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update 8/16 (Update 8/16a, Scroll Down)

Tattoos took longer than I thought they would...

Major Updates
- Tattoos are now fully implemented, with the exception of belly/stomach tattoos, because I'm not yet sure how to handle them.

Minor Updates
- There is now a makeup kit available at the accessory store. It's expensive.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bunch of problems with footwear, which should now be working as intended (no more permanent charisma bonuses!)
- Fixed some problems with stripper footwear not being properly considered.
- Fixed a problem that was causing the two guys to show up too frequently as a Private Dancer, and preventing another event from occurring at all.

I'm still looking for more characters for one-night stands. Someone asked if the additional info is useful, and it is, because it gives the characters flavor. So feel free to describe them in as much or as little detail as you'd like. I'm hoping to get 100 characters total, the idea being that you'll (hopefully) never run into the same character twice. Leave a comment on the previous post for character ideas.

I'm also looking for inspiration for random events (like the ones you encounter while traveling currently). I'm setting an equally ambitious goal of 100 total random events, so that, again, it's unlikely you'll run into the same event more than once. So, if you have ideas for random events (that, again, fit into the context of the game), leave a comment on this post.

Edit: Update 8/16a
- Fixed a problem with not being able to go home in the stripper job.


  1. On the new 8/16 download I am unable to leave the club with the head home command.

  2. The characters travelling and passes a couple of overweight people tucking into some fast food burgers that smell 'just divine,' she starts fantasising about tucking into 'the best burgers ever.' Result is some weight gain over a couple of days, maybe an increase in 'relaxation' in the morning too as she imagines that tasty smell of bacon?

  3. On the 8/16, if you choose the secretaire job, you cannot work, since it checks for the time of beginning the shift as you were working on erotic career. You get to the office at late afternoon, and when you "get to work" it sais, your shift is over

  4. My suggestion would be that maybe your character is near-sighted or far-sighted, and add glasses. Just a thought

  5. addition to my previous comment: It only happens when you import a character with Erotic Career

  6. I think there's an issue with the platform shoes and platform boots. Finishing the erotic job, doing 'get dressed' then just walking straight into the flat at the end of the night results in you staying the same height.

    So, my characters now 'Amazonian' in height by the 7th of April.

  7. found another bug... birth control pills regimen can only be started or stopped, but you don't have the option to eat one pill a day.. I don't know if it's intended, but the number of pills doesn't seem to decrease

  8. I have an idea for the random events/encounters. Is it possible to have random events in a sequence? What I mean is in order to see random event 4, you need to have seen random event 1, 2 and 3 in sequence.

    An example might be having your purse stolen and having some person, say Alex, who gets it back for you. The next random ecounter could be where you randomly meet Alex again who saves you from being scammed. The next time Alex....

  9. For random events, how about meeting people from when you were a man, such as old friends, co-workers, etc. You can have the people doing something that the character did not know about or learning something new about the people, such as seeing a friend act slutty, really nice, or seeing them buy something odd.

    You can have the character meet an old flame or someone that rejected them in the past and have that person show an interest the character as a female not knowing that it is the character.

  10. Event Idea:

    Passers-by discuss a 'secret' aspect of an existing location, for example a shady backroom that can only be accessed by giving the correct pass-phrase. Once the player overhears the conversation, the pass-phrase option appears at the specified location.

  11. event idea

    An attack that requires the martial arts skill to get out of successfully.

  12. Event Idea:

    Character gets stopped and mistaken for a hooker, you can either accept (sex + money) or slap them and walk off (no sex or money + loss of confidence because you think you look like a hooker)

  13. I have an idea for a random event. You could have a weight gain event that basically lifts word for word the opening of "Baby Got Back". (Oh, My, God. Becky, look at her Butt. yadda yadda yadda.)

  14. Random event:
    Walking by people of different races could have a few changes:
    - develop an accent
    - change race or become a mixed race
    - may have a temporary effect of no longer understanding English and would have to return home because she can't do her job and would have to watch TV to get it back.

  15. Random event:

    Walking by other female sterotypes affect job performance for the day

    - Bimbo can't do office work
    - Dominatrix will do terrible things to clients at the strip club

  16. Random event

    - someone offers her tickets to see a movie and she goes instead of work (large time advance and chance at 1 night stand)

    - a dog (bear/yeti) chases her back home

    - She is offered a pill and halucinates the rest of the day away and comes to in a random location with random people.

    - Rain gets her soaked on the way out

    - She trips on her heels (breaks shoe)

    - a limo pulls up and offers her a ride to where ever she is going.

  17. does this version end with the job offer as a nude model?

  18. Random event: getting groped on public transport. not sure how this would affect stats.

  19. Random event: getting wolf whistled by builders, could have similar choices to the getting ass slapped in the strip bar. 1 get angry, 2 walk away, 3 flirt and fuck the builders

  20. random event:

    At the Mall the SRU shop is available

  21. random event:

    u find a money, clothing, or a laptop on the ground and can choose to take it.

    However doing so might randomly get you arrested

  22. Random event:

    U encounter a young girls and you get younger

  23. Random event:

    U encounter a mom a day dream about having kids

  24. Random event:

    U pass a store with an interesting show on tv... or item that is related to your fetish. U go shopping and it makes you late for work.