Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Update 9/28

I got some stuff done.

Minor Update
- Added some more stuff to the Werewolf TF. Which, now that I think about it, is a little broken, but oh well, I can fix that tomorrow.

Other Changes
- RAGS version updated to Check the link in the changelog to download it.
- Removed all the stuff dealing with Import/Export. Because supports save game merging. It MAY BE BUGGY. Do NOT report to me problems with using old saves in new versions, because I can't do anything about it. Also, you can't use your old saves in THIS version, but you should be able to going forward (unless I note otherwise, due to variable changes or whatever).


  1. take a nice warm bath see if that helps im finally getting over mine all i really have is a cough..oddly didn't come until the others symptoms died down tho horray day 3

  2. Minor nitpick, the stripper schoolgirl uniform has different descriptions when it is examined (no bra, has panties) than when it you examine yourself wearing it (has bra, no panties).

  3. Hi there AM, I was just wondering with regards to the Tatoo system if you plan on implementing the remaining possible tatoo's (you have listed full back and belly as possible options).

    If so would you consider other locations for tatoo's such as left/right upper pelvis?

  4. Urgh, I meant to say Tattoo's -.-

  5. You, uh... left your Streaming light on... >.>

    And it still says "Updated 9/26" <.<

  6. How do you get the werewolf tf or the random encounters?

  7. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but here goes: My character is 18 weeks pregnant and won't fit into her work cloths anymore(I went with the green folder for secretary). I go to the mall to get them altered and it says they don't need to be altered. Are maternity cloths going to be implemented at some point or am I just missing something? I'm kinda deadlocked right now.

  8. Wereanon those are the same question, you get the werewolf tf by getting mauled by a werewolf, which you encounter by traveling during the evening and night time slots.

    its very low random chance, and when you get it 50 percent of the time you dont get mauled.... its kinda ridiculous.