Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update 9/29

It's an update! Yay!

Major Updates
- Werewolf TF is now finished, with a bad end if you go to far, and a cure if you don't give in at all. The event to GET the werewolf TF is still random, and therefore difficult to get.
- New item, wolfsbane. Temporarily at the pharmacy until I find a better place for it. It reverses the effects of lycanthropy. It's not fully implemented (you can take it right there in the store and buy more), but I ran out of steam.

Minor Updates
- Changed the way the dildo panties work. They how increase your arousal with every action you take while they're on, as opposed to every time unit update.

Bug Fixes 
- The Skip Intro option now allows you to name your character, rather than giving you an assigned name.
- I know I fixed some other stuff, but I couldn't tell you what.

As always, any bugs, please report, any suggestions, please...suggest, and and process improvements are welcome (usually).


  1. A slight minor request. If you are keeping the skip intro in the testing object, can you have it so we still input our characters name?

    Thank you.

  2. I was wondering: I'm going through the succubus transformation, and I have gotten the dominating trait. Are there random events/bar patrons that I can seduce then go all dominatrix on them? I know there is the one submissive girl, but will I be able to use the handcuffs/strap-on on an unsuspecting guy?

  3. I cannot download the game. it tells me that the connection gets interrupted.

  4. Hi!

    Hopefully my question wont be as stupid as I think.... lol

    Could you tell me if there are any group/gang scenes?

    Also, as you know, great game!!

  5. Mediafire isn't working for some reason, I think it's on their end, just thought you ought to know that it isn't initiating the download process.

  6. Over four hours play time.. Five werewolf encounters, and not one infection. I think I just burnt myself out on this game.

  7. Having just started playing, so sorry if I'm overlooking something obvious, but how does one use the box of tampons? I can examine them from the bathroom cabinet, but that's the only option that seems to appears.

  8. man, i was looking forward to the werewolf stuff, but if indulging in it beyond a certain point marches you inexorably to a game over, fuck that shit

  9. the tampons are auto used when you need em

  10. Auto used? Huh. Perhaps I'm just experiencing one of the period-related bugs, then. Thanks for the answer, glad to know I wasn't missing anything.

  11. I'm in the same position as "anonymous" from above. I can't access the file... it does this time-out thing...

  12. In regards to the werewolf transformation. I think you should be able to learn to control the transformation and you should get some decent bonuses for doing so. The downside would probably be that you have to kill to control your bloodlust which has the chance of you getting injured or caught.

    Right now you can give in to crazed bloodlust and end up getting a game over down the line. Or you can resist which makes you seem like one of those annoying werewolf hating werewolves that sit and cry at what they are.

    I suppose you could juggle between resisting and giving in. Although its kind of hard to justify getting intentionally infected and doing that for some minor stat bonuses.

  13. same as above cant download

  14. Can someone upload their cursed game thing so i can get it? i cant get it from the download link.. same problem as anon above.

  15. Mediafire is being a bitch right now.

  16. yea some one post it please i would really like to try this

  17. I hope the Mediafire problem is temporary.
    Fenoxo mentioned this game and it sounds pretty good.
    If there is an alternate way to get this someone post it please.

  18. Computer programs bought on 9-28 version don't show up in 9-29 version, but Worst Buy still says you bought them.

    Ellen in Secretary job reception is very shy girl to Talk when you work there. Maybe just change it to Examine?

    Jim the Landlord won't accept Stripshow or Blowjob as alternative payment, even if you have enough cash.

  19. to Ramia

    if you do the third option you can't do the first two otherwise its a glitch i haven't had happen yet

    on a side note, i think it would be kinda cool to add a club, where you actually meet people giving you something else to do during the day for more then just one night stands or possibly group, or perhaps a park for varies other interactions, just suggestions at this point that came to mind last time i was playing but i get that coding is kinda hard, so if it isn't implemented for quite sometime thats alright ^^ still working out small kinks here and there after all