Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Explanation

So why did I make a big fuss Friday about people donating when I'd asked people to donate? Simple answer: I'm not greedy.

I added the post about donations just before I went to my job in a call center, where obviously I don't want to do anything related to this blog or this game for fear of losing said job. Unfortunately, when the donations started to come in fast and furious, I had no way to update the goal counter. When I reached the goal, I was happy. When I started to greatly exceed the goal, I felt like a liar.

Were people donating just to help reach the goal that, unbeknownst to them, had been reached hours before? Or were people donating simply in support of the project? Because I didn't know, I had to assume the former, and if they were donating to reach the goal that had already been reached, but I couldn't update the goal, then they were giving me money under false pretenses.

When I hit $100 dollars, I started to panic. When I hit $200, I desperately considered ways to tell people to stop that wouldn't get me fired.

I'm extremely grateful to everyone that feels this project is good enough to support with cash donations. I'm eternally grateful to everyone who's a fan and wants me to keep this up. And I don't ever want people to think that I'm looking for a handout or begging or demanding cash, because I'm not. I want to be upfront with people and let them know that, when the goal has been reached, hey, you can stop donating if all you were looking to do was reach the goal. The fact that I couldn't was driving me absolutely bonkers.

But again, thank you, everyone, donators and fans, that enjoys the game I'm creating. It reminds me that I'm not just doing this for me and tells me that I'm actually quite good at what I do, that, after a short announcement that I was $32 short of the weekly goal, I managed to raise more than $250 in five hours. It's...well, humbling, actually. I know it should probably be the opposite, but I'm humbled by your generosity.

In less sappy news, the following things have been requested, and I actually had some time to plan some of them out this weekend. I figured it was the least I could do.

- Greater body shape control (i.e. hips and butt expansion)
- Maternity/nursing bra that affects lactation
- Amazon mistress/dominatrix
- Stretchy/rubber/Elastigirl transformation
- More piercings
- More eyewear (glasses)
- Maid/French Maid/Fetish Maid activities
- Some kind of bunny girl transformation/event

Also planned some stuff from the backlog that I've been putting off.

- Lip expansion
- Lactation "levels"
- Nylons/Pantyhose
- Skin Tones
- Male landlord option 4, female landlord, and more

And some other interesting stuff. Should be a good week.


  1. Speaking as one of the donators (didn't request anything as most I could think of was already in there.), personally, I rather enjoy playing the game and wanted to show a little support in return for that entertainment. Also, having worked call centre jobs in the past, I feel your pain. ;)

  2. As one of the people who wanted to donate (and couldn't do it before your "stop" post) i feel like saying that i will surely donate in the near future, but now, not only because i will be donating to a great game developer, but also to a man i deeply respect. May life always shine to you.

  3. Is there anything you can do with milk besides drink it to transform yourself? I know the trait says you can get a bonus lust reduction if your partner nurses but I haven't found one that does. Or is that something that only happens when you've fully TFed?

  4. I suppose the trait works, but no encounter takes advange of it yet.

  5. appreciate your honesty, but still i would donate anyway as it provides incentive, a job that you dont enjoy is tedious but you still get paid which is why you do it, if you can make a little cash on the side with a hobby it makes life worth it, ... most are probably aware there are a lot of viewers and potential donators around

    - Twichie -

  6. Nice game

    some questions
    - saved games can't be used from one version to another ?
    - is there a natural way to increase your strenght: no stat, no apparent effect of gym and weight lifting
    - what does the yoga action do ?
    - I'm actually training in magic, did this actually decrease something ? (I'm using only, light, increase luck, minor illusion, minor alteration , hair lenght most of the time)
    - my 2 cents: after some women health lecture, the fridge should have several goals options (like supermodel shape). I have good results with "light" eating but weight supervision is time consuming (and I don't know how this affect strength)
    - I have H cup breasts, still use many breast cream potion, use breast pump (don't drink milk) but I still don't have breast fetish...
    - what is the best choice: private dancer or exotic dancer ? (except for the pay...)
    - computer is the key for many skills but having good skills before the Lab raid is very very hard (maybe I missed something)


  7. Tanap here, I have donated several times and want you to know two things. One, I donate because it is extra money that I would've spent on something entertaining anyways and Two, You have always said that you feel like it was a burden to have to ask for donations and after you post on definitely proved it.
    You have actually gone out of your way to show you wish you didn't have to ask in the first place. That makes you more worthy of it in my eyes. I will continue to donate in the future, when I can afford it. As I am sure that most of the people on here feel the same, just had extras cash at the same time. =)

  8. Two posts up, the one about the gym and weightlifting. Weights do work, but gym is intended for fitness(as far as I know anyway). Karate does muscle training as well. So do those two and it'll be faster. Does take a while though.

  9. May I know what must I do to get the two guys to sign me up for the nude modelling job? They have not offered me the job yet, despite having a supermodel body.

  10. Well i wanted to say something but expander was way faster :p Anyway, He's right you're a "a great game developer, but also to a man i deeply respect" so i will keep donating :)
    Keep up the good work!

  11. I am officially excited.

  12. In regards to skin tones, how will they work? Will they be brought about by makeups or... Befriending one guy once to often(i.e. Chen)? And are they going to be "Poof" transformations or play out, perhaps as kingkobold suggested in a previous post.

  13. For the people wondering about muscles, I did a playthrough with the fridge set to spend 20$ for food and doing lots of exercises (using all exercise machines + gym + karate).
    It takes a while but in a while I ended with super bodybuilder's muscles.