Monday, September 19, 2011

Update 9/19

Yeah, I called it 9/17 in the file name because apparently I'm an idiot who doesn't pay attention to things. Go me.

Major Updates
- The clothing system is now completely revamped in terms of fitting and tailoring. If your fitness changes, you will now receive a warning when your clothes don't fit right, at which point they can be tailored. If you continue to ignore the warnings and your fitness continues to change, your clothes will not fit at all and need to be tailored. The window for wearing clothes is therefore increased.

Minor Updates
- Nothing, really

Bug Fixes
- The Daiquiri at the bar now costs the correct amount of money.
- Your breasts (and fitness) will no longer change when you get your clothes tailored.

Also, as a side note to everyone that requested that I change the way clothes work so that you can wear clothes without having to worry about going to tailor and blah blah blah. To you people, I say FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! 

(Seriously, revamping the clothes system took six hours) 


  1. this update only update the fitting part of clothing system...?

  2. I'm guessing the reason that it took 6 hours was because you have a check set up on each article of clothing that checks against the player's fitness, breasts, etc. This means that changing the clothing fitness system required editing every article of clothing in the game.

    Have you considered moving the entire architecture to the exit trigger on the bedroom? Its slightly less elegant in game when someone's clothes completely fail to fit, but its about equivalent when someone's clothes just fit poorly. And it would mean that you'd only need to change one thing when you edit your clothing system.

    Of course, THAT change would probably take another 6 hours...

  3. To the last part:
    "Also, as a side note to everyone that requested that I change the way clothes work so that you can wear clothes without having to worry about going to tailor and blah blah blah. To you people, I say FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"

    I have to say Well said. Obviously those that requested that haven't relized, if the body changes, cloths will not fit (Yes I know I'm stating the obvious). cloths alteration is cheaper then buying new ones. And I quote Maria (hopefully correclty) "It would be a pretty poor transformation if you only looked the part, wouldn't it?"

  4. You'll probably have a new version ready before you even see this, but the bar on the side has the game listed as "Updated 9/16", despite the fact that the proper version is on Media Fire.

  5. Hate to tell you this after the borderline freakout, but about half the time I need to get my clothes tailored, my body gets reset to the initial "pudgy, somewhat flabby" description.

    If it helps, I was an H-cup, 6'10", a few weeks pregnant, about halfway through catgirl, and with zero muscles, on withdrawal from the steroids.. And after fiddling with workouts and the testing item, I saw it move me to pudgy from 'supermodel', 'curvy', and 'fat, borderline obese'.

  6. Hrm; I'm having trouble with the fact that the tailor is constantly charging me money, but he's not actually seeming to fix the clothes. Whether I wear them or not (I used the wear command & the Get Dressed command). If it matters; the two bits of clothes that are failing me are: Asymmetrical mini dress and tanktop and shorts.

    Wait a minute. I just progressed a day, tried on the Secretary outfit (it didn't fit -at all-), tried on the asymmetrical mini dress again (got the 'it's a little loose; go tailor it you retard' message), went and tailored, and now all three bits of clothes wear as per normal.

    Something you may want to look at. Or not; seeing as the clothes system is a bit, um, yah.

  7. You have to attempt the wear the clothing first before you can get them tailored.

    On the update: I just want to say THANK YOU.

    It is such a pain in the ass to get clothes tailored for every little change in your physique. Not to mention having to forfit a day of work (Secretary) if the change occured during the weekdays.

  8. If only I could ''like button'' that fuck you

  9. @Shadow Rave: Yes, I'm very aware of that.

    Also, update: Now, my too loose clothing is going to too tight clothing after I get them tailored.


    (And yes, the three clothing articles I'm using are still Slutty Secretary outfit, Asymmetrical mini dress, and tanktop and shorts)

  10. would be cool, tho, if you could rip your clothes by increasing size, weight, muscles or features like breasts.
    Strolling around the mall, without a worry in the world, suddenly, wardrobe malfunction. Think about it, it's hawt like hell.

  11. Hmm... Whenever I try to run this, I get "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable", even though I have the right version. Is this a possible bug, or am I doing something wrong?

  12. @Grave-tan
    Try using the EXE installer instead of the MSI installer. A proper installation will also install "Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5" before installing RAGS.

    After installing the Microsoft dependencies, the EXE installer might then fail to install RAGS if it is searching for the wrong file name. If this is the case and RAGS is not yet installed, you can then install RAGS manually with the MSI installer that was extracted by the EXE installer or the MSI installer that you have downloaded.

    You should then be able to play the game by opening the .rag file.

  13. mmm cool idea imaajfpstnfo <3

  14. @Grave-tan
    I have had that problem a lot, and it seemed to result from me downloading the file with any internet browser besides IE. So far IE has been the only way to download the game for me.

  15. @Irrelavent Name
    I have the same issue as Grave, I tried downloading with IE as you said and I'm still having the issue.

  16. So are saved games from previous versions compatible?

  17. @Irrevalent Name
    Well, thanks for the advice... I'll give it a try and see what happens.