Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update 9/20

Not included in the list below is some behind the scenes stuff I set up. It's inconsequential because it's not accessible in the game yet.

Major Updates
- The landlord now has his fourth option (mostly) implemented. When I get the time, I'll adjust it so that he can use you in one of three ways when he shows up, but for now, it's just a minor sex scene.
- A new landlord? A new landlord! Note that the first time you go to the building manager's office is when the game determines which landlord you have, so if you see Jim, you'll need to start a new game to (possibly) see the other one. This is a straight 50-50 chance, and nothing influences it.

Minor Updates
- Buying a lot of stuff from the drug dealer will now allow you to call him. Note that him giving you a phone number is based on the amount you buy from him, not the number of items, and that the clear liquid doesn't count towards the total amount (because I'm a jerk).

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the tailor to reset your fitness to the right levels for the asymmetrical dress, the tanktop and shorts, and the secretary outfit.
- Adjusted the changes to sexuality for the adult movies on the HDTV.
- Modified the way the game calculates your monthly cycle, so that hopefully it works better. Please let me know if periods or pregnancy are still behaving oddly (with details, please).
- You can no longer get pregnant from the black dildo, until I make some adjustments.
- Fixed the problem with pregnancy progression (I think).

Known Bugs
- You can't leave the landlady's office after negotiations.
- Getting the drug dealer's phone number doesn't activate the phone itself (also, based purely on speculation, the drug dealer's target for getting the phone number is too low, and will be adjusted upwards).
- Periods are reportedly still "weird" (more information would be helpful). 


  1. I can't seem to phone the dealer. the game said it gave the number, but i can only examine the telephone.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there a couple issues with some updates :
    - As said above, the dealer does give you his number, but the phone sticks to his one and only "examine" action, the "Call someone" choice doesn't appear.
    - When paying rent to Monica via "alternate payment", you never get to go back home. Instead, you just stay in her office - where you can "pay" her over and over should you be so inclined - but there's no way out. Quitting/reloading is the only exit.
    I kinda like her so far though.

  3. If you get the female landlady, she doesn't have any options to pick after discussing the rent. You also can't leave the magagers office. So you end up getting stuck. Luckily I saved beforehand.

  4. Periods seem to be happening randomly every 5 days or so. haven't seen pregnancy trigger yet.

  5. Ah nevermind. Pregnancy works, but the periods are still off a bit.

  6. Hi, first time would-be player here. I downloaded the game file and RAGS from the links in the sidebar but whenever I try to start playing a box pops up saying "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable." Am I missing somthing?

  7. Unreadable Problem: I had the same problem some days ago. I installed RAGS using the .msi file but then it doesn't install an SQL server component which it apparently needs.

    Uninstall RAGS and reinstall it using the .exe, that should hopefully fix that problem.

  8. Unfoutunately, there doesn't seem to be a working .exe file for the current version of RAGS.

  9. Pregnancy still doesn't seem to work neither does the pregnancy test confirming your pregnant. Well that's assuming that after 4 months you should have noticed some change to indicate your pregnant.

  10. Also, the file name on the blog page still says 9/16a

  11. Clothes tailoring still doesn't work. In my playthrough, I used the testing item to buy all of the clothing on the first day, then wore just the sweatsuit for a while until my fitness was at "supermodel" and my breast size was "H-cup". When I took the clothes to the tailor, instead of re-sizing them to fit me, it reset my fitness to "borderline obese". Weirdly, some of my clothes then fit, but the fishnet mini-dress, latex keyhole dress, and leather dress didn't, giving the message that "you've gained some weight recently". I don't know very much about variables in RAGS, but if I had to guess I'd say that this is from you setting the "player fitness" property equal to the "clothes size" variable, rather than visa versa. I know you worked really hard on fixing the clothes system, but it still needs work.

  12. I don't suppose we could add a parking lot to the mall where the drug dude hangs out? Then the druggies would have somewhere to go to look for him, and the rest of us wouldn't have to put up with him ambushing us at irregular intervals.

    (Not that I have anything against drugs as such - just it's an aspect of the game I've yet to explore).

  13. just an idea but you could make the breasts swell for a little while if you haven't milked them like say you forgot to milk them that day the next day they would be a size bigger until you do with a time limit of like 2 days like that before the character dose it automatically at the start of the day

  14. Anonymous Man...I was wondering if you could help fill in the femininity scale on said page on the wiki. I cannot seem to nail down exactly when they change.

  15. Hi,

    I am new, and just discovered this beauty of a game. I have a quick question, which mind seem silly, but I am new to this. What do the Import and Export options from teh testing item do? And how do I use them?

  16. Tampons are currently bugged, if you run out the box remains and starts going into negative numbers instead of telling you that you have none.

    @Anonymous above
    I believe its to import and export your character to/from the game. So if you import a character on a new character they'll be changed to have all the same stats, skills, traits and appearance as the one you imported.

  17. @Anonymus above who replied to the Ano above ^^

    How do you edit the export file? I tryed to use Notepad++ but it refuses to take back the file as Import. Is there a special program for it?

  18. @From Anonymous above who replied to the Anonymous above (probably should register at this rate)

    No clue but i'd say probably with the Rags development tools. I suppose you could always try a hex editor.

  19. Periods are still fairly random. Usually have 2 per month, about a week apart. Sometimes they run together into a 2-week-long period.

    The tailor has issues, and the weight system may as well. It was working for a while, but then for no reason I went overnight from being 'curvy' to 'fat, borderline obese'. Excessive exercise/eating nothing can reduce it to 'flabby' but no further, and that only when all 3 home exercise options + the gym are done daily.

    When dropping weight, either via exercise or the testing item, it will 1) return overnight, or 2) return anytime I have clothes tailored. This means I can't wear any clothes at all unless I stay permanently 'borderline obese', because this bug will reset me to that level, and tailor all clothes to that level regardless of what my previous fitness was. Very, very annoying problem, basically ruins everything to do with clothing/fitness/appearance. (Not pregnant etc)

    Animal heat never wears off. It says it does, but the daily messages and lust levels persist forever.

    The secretary job can break during the special project arc. These were my steps:
    - Work normally (so it continues to next day)
    - Next day, arousal too high so no work is done
    - Forever after, when saying 'get to work', it just puts a comment about staring at the special project on your desk, but it never completes and no other interaction is possible. This also prevents any further work events from ever firing again.

    And one last suggestion, if you can stand more comments on the clothing and tailoring systems... I don't mind having to pay to tailor each outfit, but it would be nice if the tailor just did all affected clothes at once, rather than only fixing the ones I have tried on since the last weight change. It's a pain to have to go cycle through the closet to try every outfit, just so you can get them fixed.

  20. I found a few bugses.
    - One no longer goes directly from using the shower to the bedroom
    - When going to sleep with 100% lust it no longer seems to have a chance of going down (I tried for 30+ days)
    - Computer programs reappear when one returns to the mall after having bought them
    - During one's period I can wear underwear despite the lack of tampons
    - there are 2 front doors, one described as closed, the other one can interact with to move around
    - I deliberately had insufficient money for rent, but the first day I was overdue it gave me the same message about mailing the rent in and while the 'Visit landlord' was an option on the front door, it didn't appear to do anything.


  21. not sure is it a bug or not
    if I miss the 1st day of work for the office job,
    i wouldn't be able to advance anymore...

  22. Are there any anal scenes? Also, can you change jobs later on, or are you stuck with the folder you pick at the beginning of the game. In that case, how do you pick the black folder?

  23. I've saved and loaded about 30 or so times between two different characters trying to get the female landlord and haven't gotten her once. I know random is random but that's a bit extreme i really think there might be a problem.

  24. @PinPig5

    The bug about not moving from the bathroom to the bedroom after showering is intentional. It was requested during a stream, and AM obliged. However, I don't believe he did say that it was changed.

  25. @ Irrelevant Name

    Then methinks the text for the shower action needs to change.


  26. About that SQL server component for RAGS. Is there an alternate method to install it? Some kind of different source?

  27. Regarding my previous 'bug' report about the building manager. the following day the option above 'visit somewhere special' disappears and the option appears under the 'special' tab.


  28. @PinPig5: There must be something wrong with your copy of the game: I can't reproduce ANY of the problems you reported. I don't doubt that you're experiencing them, but I can't make them happen no matter what I do.