Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update 9/21


Major Additions
- Changed the way lactation works: it's no longer a trait, and the more you indulge your lactation fetish, the more milk you'll produce (in theory, untested).
- The black dildo pregnancy chance has been added again. Though it's not what you think... There will be more to this later, as hinted in the game.

Minor Additions
- If you're using alteration magic, you have a 50% chance every day to lower the suspicion created from those spells by 1.

Bug Fixes
- The latex keyhole dress was resetting Fitness to 10 when tailored. Fixed.
- The drug dealer giving you his phone number now activates the phone properly.
- The drug dealer's threshold for giving his phone number has been doubled (you have to spend $2000 instead of $1000).
- The landlady no longer traps you in her office forever.
- The special project in the secretary job now properly checks whether or not it needs to be completed.
- When you run out of tampons, the box properly disappears and you'll need to buy more.
- Being pregnant as a stripper now allows you to continue to get paid by working at the desk (I think? I'm honestly not remembering if I fixed this).


  1. "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable"

    Anyone know why I'm getting this and/or can point me in the direction of finding out?

    Just installed RAGS and just downloaded the latest game...

  2. You will need to download the following and install it:

  3. What do you mean by threshold is doubled?

  4. My rags keeps getting stuck while loading the new game update, have the new rags and was playing the last update just fine

  5. I think the black dildo may be broken.

  6. ^^
    Never mind, I was wrong.

  7. Appears the Breast pump is broken I can use it once but then it tells me I've already used it for the day. even a week later.

  8. Thanks for taking the time to clarify the threshold comment. That's what I figured it was a cash thing but wanted to be certain for testing purposes.

  9. Auto-wear is still broken on the black halter vest top and skirt, it always says your breasts are too small.

  10. I cannot seem to find the black dildo, even after being bought.

  11. Don't know why but I still never got the Futanari trait, or the Wolf Howl event.
    How do you get them?

  12. @ the anon that directed to the microsoft download, thank you. It is now working.