Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's a wiki!

So there's a wiki for the game now, at I don't usually edit wikis, but it's safe to say that I'll be keeping an eye on this one. If people put up erroneous information, I'll correct it, but because I'm mostly lazy, I won't put too much information up myself. In other words, feel free to go nuts on it, post lots of crazy specific information, and I'll take care of any errors.

In other news, I got some work done over the weekend (shocker!), and then had it promptly undone by a corrupted save of the RAGS file. Interestingly, rather than being a RAGS crashing error, it simply deleted most of the objects in the object library, which was obviously unworkable. So I started over and worked on some different stuff instead.

The good news is that smoking has been changed from a trait to an addiction (albeit an almost cripplingly sadistic one, as each cigarette you smoke increases the time you suffer from withdrawal by 5 days), and I've added one and a half new patrons to the bar, in addition to adding in the partial ability to prowl for lovers based on your sexuality (lesbians look specifically for women, straights look for guys, bisexuals look for both). It's not completely implemented, but it will be by the time I upload a new version tomorrow.

And, finally, to top it off, I got the magic system started. Like everything else, it'll be grindy (yay!), but potentially worthwhile. Just because it was erased in the corruption of the file doesn't mean I'll be leaving it on the wayside, and that's probably what I'll be working on tomorrow. And then pregnancy, because you people are apparently freaking desperate to carry babies to term.


  1. Very nice.

    And not sure if it's been mentioned, but anytime a transformation seems to be completed, you lose all description of it in your character detail/examine.

  2. I'm curious, are we ever going to see transformations related to race/ethnicity?

  3. It would be nice if methods to get traits/skills were posted on the wiki.