Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Regards To Racial Transformations

The question keeps coming up: are there going to be racial transformations in Cursed? The short answer: yes. The long answer: Well...

The problem with racial changes is this: they all come down to poof TFs.

As you may know, I'm not a fan of poof, or instantaneous, TFs. I personally believe that they're cop-outs, really, a way of writing a transformation without actually doing a transformation. That's why, in Cursed, every single transformation takes time and effort. Changes shouldn't happen instantaneously is my belief.

But for racial changes...what really changes? Skin color, sure, that's a one day thing. Some facial features maybe, but not many, and they're mostly subtle. And...that's it. You're not changing sex, you're not growing new appendages, you're just...altering your look slightly.

So that problem that I've encountered is that, in my desire to make all TFs drawn out and unique, I have no idea what to do to make racial TFs drawn out and unique. I'm working on it, but so far it's like bashing my head against a wall.


  1. While I agree with you about "poof" TFs, I think the pace of Cursed is too slow, especially given how frequently you update.

    I got to the point where I have 2' wings today, and I'm not sure how long it took in game time, but it was hours of RL time.

    Also, racial changes could potentially incorporate features such as freckles, hair texture, etc.

  2. Racial changes could have several effects on the player, it just depends how detailed you want to get. Skin color, skin complexion (freckles etc.) eye color, eye/nose/lip shape, hair color, body type, voice, (accent etc.) and so-on.

    It's not a big transformation but I think it's an important aspect of the game.

  3. Day 1 of Racial Transformation
    - Your skin lightens/darkens slightly but perceptibly
    - Your jaw aches/Your eyes itch/your lips feels puffy, some kind of facial problem that might easily be put down to allergies in a normal situation

    Day 2
    - You acquire a strange blotch of lighter/darker/sallow skin somewhere on your body.

    Day 3
    - The blotch is spreading across your body, now smaller areas of affected skin appear in other areas. Is this some kind of horrible disease? You are shedding dead skin like some kind of horrible sunburn
    - Painful grating headaches, like the bones in your face are twisting out of place

    Day 4
    -You are more discolored than you are your original skin tone.
    - Your face just seems... off. It's still obviously you, but yet you seem like someone else entirely. You barely recognize your own reflection

    Day 5
    - You no longer have any of your original skin tone left. Suddenly it clicks. You realize that you are now White/Black/Latina/Asian/etc.

    Would something like that work? Personally I just want the ability to Tan. I'm in it for the bimbofication, and nothing says Bimbo like a day glo orange faux-tan or going full ganguro.

  4. It sounds like an aesthetic choice, just basic ( well basic when compared to other kinds of tfs) changes to the body. If you are not if favor of "poof" tfs, how about making it gradual, like you did with hair color and breast size, where it takes a few days to change.

    The racial changes can be done slowly and extremely difficult if you make the changes due to who the player has sex with, like sleeping with Asians, Latinos, etc.

    You can have a description of the player that changes depending on what the person does and slowly add more lines or whatever as the time goes on. Make it into another variable.

  5. Maybe language barriers would be an issue. Your ability to speak/understand languages changes. On the upside, you'd be able to understand people of your own ethnicity perfectly.

    You would be able to rectify the language barrier by purchasing specific translation booklets and power read (grind). This would be a permanent effect regardless of change.

  6. I hate to post on an unrelated subject but this is pretty vital to me. how do I choose the blue folder job?

  7. You can't. It's not implemented yet.

  8. @Shadow Rave
    In my opinion, ethnicity and language should not be correlated. But, that's only if the transformation happens through the common methods (i.e. drinking a potion, having sex with a person, random event). If a traveling system were to be created, then the character having a race and language change to fit in the area better would be more interesting. A traveling system, however, would probably take a lot of time and effort on AM's part so I won't be expecting much on that.

    That aside, I really like your suggestion for different languages and learning them through power reading. If a need for different languages ever shows up, I would love to see it implemented in some form or fashion.

    P.S.: I hate blogger and it's inability to save your comment when you forget to log-in before you start writing.

  9. How about instead of racial changes, you choose yours when you look in the mirror for the first time. Or right after entering you guy name at the beginning.

  10. As another possibility in addition to what Scyle said, you could also give the women you meet at the bar races and make that a parameter to select from Maria, although this might mean you would have to maybe add a fourth woman so you have four choices for each one of the women.

  11. Can someone explain me how I can uprgade an old save of the game to play in the newest version of cursed ? Each time I load a save the game back to the older version.

  12. @Previous post; You can't, there isn't a way atm. You just have to start again for each build

  13. Couldn't this easily be done with a tanning booth in a mall, after a few uses your skin colour gradually changes? It doesn't sound much like a transformation that way though, just getting a tan.

  14. @Spawnah: i was goning to suggest that too, but you beat me to it ;)
    well then I will suggest a withener cream for when you get bored with your tan.

  15. Tanning would be an interesting add on to the beauty shop; maybe take it a step further and say if you tan to much your skin becomes weathered or sumptin.

  16. How about tanning oil that makes your skin one shade lighter and darker along with maybe racially aimed makeups?

    Might be interesting if you could become a perma-goth.