Monday, September 12, 2011

Update 9/12

Quite a lot of groundwork laid today, which isn't terribly exciting at times, but it is necessary for the exciting things!

Major Updates
- You can now buy magic spells at the magic shop. All of them can be purchased, but not all of them work yet. The ones that work are the Illusion School spells, the Glowing Lights spell, and the Induce Lust spell.

Minor Updates
- When looking for a date at the bar, your sexuality is now taken into account: lesbians look for women, straights look for men, and bisexuals look for whoever's available.
- New person at the bar (male).
- Smoking is now considered a drug addiction rather than a trait. Each time you smoke will increase the length of your withdrawal by 5 days, and withdrawal is the same effect as before (arousal increase at the beginning of the next day). 

Bug Fixes
- If you hide from the security guard at the lab, he will no longer hang out in lab 2, preferring lab 1 or lab 3 instead.
- Altered some transformation events so that they trigger properly (only once).

Known Bugs
- When you cast an illusion spell, it will last pretty much forever. It's a simple fix, but I've already uploaded the game twice and don't want to do it again.

Also, be sure to check out the Cursed wiki, and special thanks to Spawnah who set it up. Notice something missing? Feel free to add to it! I'll make sure to correct any incorrect information.

Finally, I should have a "Cursed Basics" page on the website in the next couple of days, for people who are new to the game.


  1. i was playing the 9/9 when i saw 9/12, i saved the game and stuff,but when i try to open the save with 9/12 it flings me back to 9.9, i tried export/import thing with testing item, but it needs to be imported in early morning, which i wasn't able to get in "new game" in 9/12, how do i play with my hardworked character in 9/12??

  2. There is no way to do this considering the RAGs engine handles saves in such a way that makes this impossible.

  3. What does posing accomplish after you get to 20 natural charisma? The text doesn't change over to the alternate (which ends with you blowing a kiss to yourself at the end) once you hit 20 natural charisma.

    Also, couldn't posing be used to raised femininity and lower inhibitions to a point? After all, it's a pretty girly act and the text suggests that posing makes you more comfortable in your body.

    And that brings up a broader point: I think clothing/underwear should have a greater impact on femininity & inhibition than it does. After all, a grey pantsuit and a flowery sundress may look equally well on a woman, but one outfit is considerably more feminine than the other (and would make the wearer more comfortable "acting feminine").

    That would solve the two of the biggest problems facing: it's very difficult to lower inhibitions without being a slut (and the descriptions of inhibition levels indicate that this shouldn't be the case) and it's difficult to raise femininity if you aren't either a stripper or buy tons of daiquiris.

    Bug Note: The cost of daiquiris says $12, but it takes $18 out of your wallet.

  4. Also, the cost of the television needs to come down. A 32" HDTV by Vizio (a reputable brand) is only $300. Throw in the fact that there's no clear benefit to upgrading the TV and there is pretty much no reason for the player to spend a small fortune on television.

  5. @3rd post: Not a bad point. It's a relatively complex tweak (honestly, very little easy, and that makes me cry), so I can probably work with making clothes and the mirror affect you.

    @4th post: probably should.

  6. 3rd and 4th person were both me. I'll start using a screen name now.

  7. Noticed that if you go to the mall during the evening and take dancing lessons, time gets advanced two blocks to late night when arriving home instead of just one.

  8. The jewelry descriptions seem broken.

  9. how do I get promoted further in the secretary/business profession?

    I got the first promotion, how do I get the next? When I check the bulletin board, it says: "There's a notice here that the requirements for your next promotion are not yet available in this version."

  10. I noticed that we you get the beauty treatments your natural and non-natural charisma go up but when they were down your non natural charisma instead of returning to normal gets a point or two worse than it used to be before the treatment, is this normal?

  11. @Ben - So far the second promotion for the business profession has not been implemented into the game.

  12. It seems like your mana count can disappear from the status bar when you load a game after quitting, although I'm not sure if it's due to having 0 mana when I did so.

  13. Alvin 'n' Gabe's career move is pretty broken. It eats clothing, and doesn't ever give you the option to go to work.

  14. im confused i just started playing the game 1st time but i cant find the option that lets me leave the bar i can only go back into the alley

  15. @above Anonymous
    In order to leave the bar, you must right click on the green box that is next to the name of the bar.
    For future reference, the green boxes that are found throughout the game along with the main, massive green box that is always there in the center of the screen can be right clicked for more options.

  16. I think there's a potential problem with pregnancy chance in the new version. It's June 12th and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I don't think I had any sexual partners (except the intro one) and if I did, I'm certain they were using condoms. So it seems like I got knocked up in the intro segment, pretty much the only time player choice is taken away. Is this working as an intended or is it an unintended consequence of the increased fertility rate in the last version?

  17. I also think that there might be something wrong with the pregnancy. While two girls on the pill getting pregnant in their first month may just be plain bad luck, it is disappointing as I don't want them to get pregnant.

    Is the pill immediately effective upon starting the regimen and she can have bare sex the next hour or must she wait for the next day?