Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update 9/13

As always, I never get as much done as I want to. I blame Fenoxo for distracting me.

Major Updates:
- The minor, normal and major versions of the alteration spells are now implemented.
- The induce lust, induce luck, and induce confidence spells are now implemented.

Minor Updates:
- The testing item has a new option: Advance Day. This only works in the bedroom, as it essentially does a day ending check at any time of the day.
- The suspicion game over check will now only trigger if your suspicion is greater than 50. Otherwise, people just give you weird looks (if it's greater than 0).

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:
- The testing item has a new option: Show Mana Bar. You can use this at any time, but it is intended to be used when you load a saved game and the mana status doesn't show up properly.
- The Anonymous Donation option of the testing item now adds $1000 instead of $100, to save some clicking time.
- The "Go to the Lab" option now properly deactivates when you turn the mission in to Maria.
- Changed the way the "Status" option activates on the player. Let me know if you like this version better (there are plans to make other options, like dressing, work in a similar way).

Edit: Dammit, I forgot to make the overcoat strip off automatically again. I'll have to do that first thing tomorrow.

Edit 2: Additional good news: the creator of the RAGS engine is going to look and see if there's a way to use saves from older versions of games in newer versions. I'm sure it will take a while, but hey, better than suffering in silence, neh?


  1. Would it be possible to add in some shades and/or contacts to hide eye changes?

  2. I agree with the eye wear.

    I was also wondering if hosiery (stockings, fishnets, etc) will be added into the game?

    Also, whats the status on the jobs? are we close to seeing updates on promotions/additions?

  3. If we have an idea to go along with our donation do we just put it in the comments area of the paypal payment?

  4. As for loading a save from an older release I have steps to follow!

    Step 1 : Delete all earlier versions of Cursed.
    Step 2 : Start the Rags player.
    Step 3 : Select load game
    Step 4 : When it says it cannot find version x.x of the game, redirect it to the newest version.
    Step 5 : Save the game again.
    Step 6 : close and reopen the player.
    step 7 : play/load game as normal.

    at least these steps have worked for me in the past

  5. If your going to make the coats strip-able and dressable, any hope to do the same with gloves?

  6. Very much like the status system, look forward to seeing it elsewhere in the game. Choosing a computer program particularly springs to mind.

    Is it possible to arrange matters so if I click on "status" the sub-menu appears and stays open?

  7. @1st and 2nd post: Eyewear is on tap for today. Probably.

    @3rd post: Hosiery = eventually, and jobs = soon.

    @4th post: That's the best way, but if you want to be sure, you can also send an email.

    @5th post: Well...that might work, but it might also screw things up, so be careful if you decide to do that.

    @6th post: Yes.

    @7th post: Unfortunately, I can't keep the menu open as far as I can tell.

  8. Found a handful of bugs:

    At the bar, when talking to Laura, the girl whom you can choose to rescue from an aggressive guy, the conversation cuts off abruptly when Laura is evaluating you.

    The claddagh ring adds 1 charisma when worn and subtracts 2 when removed.

    Also, is weight loss powder supposed to reduce fitness? At least, I went from curvy to pudgy immediately after using it. The description for the powder says there's enough left for 0 drinks and can be used infinitely.

  9. I can say that the 5th posters strategy does get it to say it uses the current version, but it doesn't have any of the updated features.

    I.E. I tried his trick to try to get it so i can buy the new spells with my old person that has magic but the shop sells nothing. Also the donation in game still gives only $100. So it doesn't work. Haven't noticed any new bugs though... but not worth the effort.

    Great game by the way!