Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update 9/14

For all you pregnancy-lovers out there.

Major Updates
- Pregnancy progression is now partially implemented. Alice will comment on it, other people will not. You will notice changes through the pregnancy, however. More on this as I keep adding to the pregnancy system.

Minor Updates
- Added a new spell to the magic shop. Note that although it can be purchased, it's not yet implemented.
- Changed the price of the TV upgrades. The EDTV now costs $250, and the HDTV costs $500. Also properly activated the adult channel option on the HDTV.
- Sunglasses now available to hide your inhuman eyes (or just to wear and look cool).

Bug Fixes
- The overcoat is automatically removed when you go to the Living Room from the Foyer, and when you strip at the strip club changing room.

I'm actually going to try to work on this some more today, so watch this post. I might upload a new version (9/14a or 9/14b) before I go to work today. But don't hold me to that.


  1. When you complete a TF, when used the Examine command...all of the TFs that you have are gone.

  2. Pregnancy and periods seem to be shut off.

  3. I went through 4 months and never had a period or pregnancy. I don't think that part is working right. Also, What ^ said.