Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update 9/14a

Apparently RAGS changed some internal arguments and didn't let me know.

Bug Fixes
- Periods should be working again, and with that, pregnancy.

Also, while I didn't actually get a chance to work on the game, I did come up with a few interesting ideas that I'm going to try to flesh out today and tomorrow.

Finally, since it's important, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning to get my teeth drilled. So the stream will be delayed, and when it does come back, I might be mumbling. Or muted. But I will post a notice here when I start streaming, so keep an eye out.


  1. Have not yet have time to get there in this version and i din't see it in the notes but in 9/13 major alteration does not work i only get the out of mana message.

  2. HDTV issues:
    The plotless porn always mentions you already being pregnant regardless of your actual status.
    Only the first 3 porn channels advance time.
    Picking any option after watching the domination porn gives you the message for choosing the dominant option.

  3. Looks like you can wear the sunglasses right in the store without paying for them.

  4. It is weird that girls with reformed feet would go barefoot in their apartments.

    Does the slob points ever reduce?

  5. You know what I just realized this game needs?
    A glory hole. That would fit in perfectly.

    Well, that and other people being the aggressors instead of it just being you.

  6. Ack! just noticed this forum. I kept looking and looking and suddenly I refresh and there it is. *blinks* So sorry about sending an email instead of just posting suggestions here, want me to copy / paste them here? And as I said in there, awesome game so far, thank you for building it, you and fenoxo are totally inspiring me!

    (Oh, and how are all of you getting to change channels and finding sun-glasses *blinks and starts looking closer at the game, trying to figure out if that needs a refresh too*)

  7. Another great thing to have are exhibitionist hedonists stripping naked and masturbating just about anywhere. She wouldn't think twice about stripping anywhere in her apartment. Stripping and masturbating on her open balcony or her cubicle or her office or in the changing rooms would be such a turn on. Or better yet, have sex with random strangers outdoors.

    And the adult channels are in desperate need of female submission porn.

  8. After showering in 9-14a, you no longer head back to the bedroom. It'd be nice if it were clearer that the adult movies in the HDTV cost money. Also, when entering the house, the height added by the platform boots doesn't go away.

  9. Okay, there's a bug in the "too aroused to sleep" code that sometimes has it come up even after you've masturbated once. I thought this was somewhat intentional, until I used the black dildo for the first time, once, which put my lust below 50
    %. Trying to sleep said I was too aroused. Trying to masturbate said I wasn't in the mood.

    Game-breaking... =\

  10. The description for the bookshelf is missing

  11. If you alter yourself to have larger or smaller breasts while wearing clothing, then go to the strip club, and change into the clothing there - you're not allowed to put on your prior clothing when done, thus making you stuck at the strip club. (Perhaps the magic should change the clothes you're wearing?)

  12. - Induce Luck/Induce Confidence/Illusion spell(s) do not show up in spellbook after you buy them

    - Minor Illusion spell stops working after you reach about 40 for your Magic score.

    - Induce Lust doesn't seem to do anything (or it's such a minor effect that it's unnoticeable).

    - Hat (beret)/Sunglasses/Cashmere coat stop working immediately after you pick up an Illusion spell. Not sure if this is working as intended or not. If it is, then *fistshake* Means would have to wait until after get Magic do do non-human transformations if it's going to screw you over like this.

    - Cashmere coat does not auto put back on if you use the 'Get Dressed' option from the locker in the Strip Club.

  13. Watching the adult plotless movie, right at the end it said "given that you are already pregnant". I'm assuming that's a hypothetical and not a bad check or something, since I wasn't pregnant at the time? In that case shouldn't it be "you WERE already pregnant"?

    The scene went clothes store/jail/photography, if that is of any help.

  14. Hi,I'm new to this game (got sent here by Fenoxo), and from what I've read, it sounds really cool, but I'm having one problem which keeps me from playing:

    After I have my way with the strange lady in the back alley at the bar, I can't figure out what to do! I pick up all the stuff on the ground and step back inside, but that's where it ends:( The only option I get is to go outside again to the back alley, and there's nothing to interact with neither there or at the bar.

    I should probably mention that I'm new to this type of gameplay so most likely I'm missing the obvious:P

  15. The bar itself is a clickable button. In the mid left side of the screen. Its easy to miss because this is the first time you use that button for anything.