Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update 9/15


Major Updates
- New random encounter "wolf howls". Also tweaked the random encounters that are in the game currently, so that they're a little more evenly likely. Note that "wolf howls" is actually just the beginning of something new, though you can probably figure out what's likely to result from it.

Minor Updates
- Mostly finished the new submissive girl at the bar.
- Magic has been split off into its own section in the Status actions, only visible once you unlock magic. It will also show your current skill with the various magic schools.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the Induce Lust, Induce Confidence, and Illusion spells so that they should be showing up properly, and you shouldn't be able to buy them more than once (actually true for all spells now).
- Minor tweaks, nothing important.

Note: If you're using RAGS, you'll need to update the game files before you can play it. To do so, open the file in RAGS Designer. It will ask for a password, but just cancel out of that. You should be able to open the file in RAGS Player now.


  1. Hey, just got here from Fenoxos site and would like to try your game. I've installed RAGS (version 2.2.9) but when I try loading your game file it complains that it is unreadable.

    Could this be a version conflict as you say your game requires RAGS 2.2.8, which doesn't seem to be available for download anymore?

    Thanks for any helpful tips in advance.

  2. That's especially common when you set your web browser to directly launch the download with RAGS. Try saving the file, then opening that after the download is complete.

  3. I didn't let the browser open the file directly, it was safe and sound in a folder ;)

    I tried opening it by double-clicking, opening it through the RAGS menu, redownloaded it multiple times but I always geht the "not readable" error :(

  4. Works for me - is the file size 28,659,712 bytes?
    (right-click on file and choose 'properties' to see the actual file size)

    You may have a incomplete download.

  5. Just posted instructions on how to update the game file to for the new version of the player. I'll update the game version for tomorrow's upload.

  6. if that wolf howl encounter leads to furry shit please make it opt-in

  7. Everything is opt-in. If you get "infected" there are ways to remove the condition before it gets worse. But it doesn't lead to "furry shit" per se.

  8. I am having a problem with the secretary job, after the first day every time I go there it says "You are not dressed properly" and the game sends me home, yet nowhere in the folder description or the first day orientation does it tell me what I need to wear. I tried the secretary dress but for some reason being dressed as a secretary isn't appropriate for working as a secretary.

  9. So, nobody minds a secretary with green hair,long inhuman ears or a cow-like tail, but they won't let me work with my sneakers...

  10. Pregnancy seems to stop at 5 weeks. been there for 3 weeks so far.

  11. I also had trouble with an 'unreadble' error, but was able to find my problem.

    Turns out it was because I only installed RAGS from the .msi installer. Using the .exe installer also installs Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5, which RAGS seems to require in order to player non-legacy .rag games.

  12. Some problems using Rags 2.2.9 and a fresh copy of Cursed 9/15. The girls in the intro pop up randomly and out of sequence. And "rounds" seem to reset or get stuck, giving you the same girl again and again.

    Also, Rags Designer crashes before it even finishes loading.

  13. To add to a previous comment, without the Rags Designer functioning I can't "update" the game. Instead the game is giving weird results and is unplayable.

  14. So far I have run into only two problems, (build 9-14a) not sure if you fixed them since I missed the stream and you don't have it in the post.

    After Alice mention your pregnancy I can't do anything and I am stuck at work.

    Also, the wing TF keeps repeating the growth to a 5 foot wing span everyday and does not update the "Examine"

  15. Hey Anonymous Man, I really think you should add in a malleable rump for us ass guys. I believe it to be quite unfair that it's all about the breasts.

  16. Hey Anonymous Man, I'm new to this game (thanks to fenoxo's website) and I found a problem. Whenever I load a saved file, I can't use the Examine button on anything. It keeps saying to fix the CT_DISPLAYITEMDESC if I am the author.

  17. only a suggestion, at the second dance job (exotic/private not shure which one) there is the newby guy who you are asked to dance for. Afterwards you have the option to order him around and to let him order you, the let him eat you out doesnt work and the let him order you around would be nice to have 2 Ways, if you have met him before, then he will order you around faster and you get to msturbate for him on stage or even further.

  18. How do you get the new event, at random when moving from a place to another?
    I played two months already and nothing =P