Friday, September 16, 2011

Update 9/16

It's Bug Fix Friday!

Important Note: You will need to update RAGS to version in order to play this release.

Major Updates
- Changed the way the clothing system works for breasts. Now, you have a slightly wider range for breast size, allowing you to wear clothes after your breasts change size. In addition, when your breasts are at the limit of the range, you'll get a notice and the clothing will be flagged for tailoring, so you can get it altered to your new size while still being able to wear it. I'll work on doing the same for fitness as well in the near future. Note that this is untested, so it could be buggy (but the logic is sound).

Minor Updates
- Changed the green folder to reflect the clothes requirements obliquely.
- Changed the description and name of the secretary outfit to make it clear it's not appropriate for a professional business environment.
- Posing in the mirror now increases your femininity very slightly.

Bug Fixes
- Full transformation will now properly update your player description when you examine yourself (note that the various "inhuman" descriptors disappearing is intended).
- Fixed wing growth to only show once when you max it out, also properly update your wing description.
- Fixed the HDTV to advance time whenever you watch porn.
- Fixed the "Domination" adult movie to react to your choices properly.
- Adjusted the Femininity increase from watching adult movies with the Porn Addict trait.
- Watching adult movies now properly increments the Porn Addict trait.
- Claddagh ring now properly give 1 non-natural charisma and removes 1 non-natural charisma when worn/removed.
- Weight loss powder now properly calls the right variable to show how much is left. Also, yes, the weight loss powder is supposed to make you gain weight. Have you ever heard of a weight loss powder that actually worked? I haven't.
- You can't use the pregnancy test infinitely anymore.


  1. How's it going with getting our old saves to port over?

    Loving the game but starting over every new build is a killer. Importing states is one thing but you lose your transformations and stuff.

    But you already know that.

    In any case keep up the great work!

  2. @Nazca: I'm probably going to remove the import/export feature in the near future, as the creator of the RAGS engine is looking into a way to use old saves in new versions. Whether it's implemented or not, I'll probably take out import/export, as it's rapidly losing value.

  3. Very cool and great job with these updates! So some more suggestions for the pot? Perhaps you could compress all the tattoos together (they take up a lot of screen-space once you collect them all) and I think piercings are not showing up yet in the descriptors (at least the version I tried a few days ago). Also, perhaps after you've bought drugs a few times you may be able to just find the guy a tad easier to buy more?

    All in all looking awesome, this and Fenoxo's are my two faves now :D

  4. Oh you sly dog, making the weight loss powder do the opposite of what it's intended for is brilliant.

    Also, I'm not sure if this was addressed already (and I'm using an older version), but tailoring clothes does not fix all of them unless you wear each article of clothing at least once before you get them tailored. It also does not seem to do anything for the robe.

  5. I think this update broke the get dressed command. You can still wear the clothes if you open the closet and select them, but it says your breasts are too big if you select get dressed. Get dressed will still work with the sweatsuit of course.

  6. also seems to have broken your appearance. If you examine yourself it stays at the starting, despite how much you exercise etc. tested it using the test tool to see if maxing it out had any effect. Didn't. flabby stripper on stage

  7. Also doesn't show muscle change. If you go through the dropdown menu to choose appearance it is right. Just not the quick exam

  8. Okay, I updated to RAGS and it works fine with other rags files, but when I try to play Cursed 9/16, it starts the initial "loading data" bar then locks up and crashes.

  9. ^
    Same here.

    Can't get 9/16 to run.

    RAGS Program stops responding. Redownloaded (saved to harddrive) twice. No change.
    Tried opening it through RAGS designer. Same problem.

  10. Its a problem on the rags site download the msi file and install using that instead of the exe. I had the same issue until but using the msi file fixes it.

  11. I had to unzip the exe and then run it twice to get it to work.

  12. It works. Thanks.

  13. I also didn't notice any periods or pregnancy again.

  14. I've got the Novice stripper job at the club. If I use the school uniform and remove it after the shift, it gets out of the inventory but when I try to dress with my normal clothes it says that I'm still wearing it. I can fix that by putting on the white gown and then removing it, but it's still an issue.

  15. I also couldn't get pregnancy to work. Tried the statue, tea, turning her into a cow, etc...