Friday, September 16, 2011

Update 9/16a

There's no such thing as a bug-free release...

Bug Fixes
- "Get Dressed" now works properly with the new clothing system.
- Adjusted the player description so it will now update everything properly, in theory.

Oh, and just a note: still about $32 from the goal for the week. The stick: Not reaching the goal for this week means no new versions for download next week. The carrot: if you donate, you can request something to be added to the game. And my thanks to all donators and all supporters of this weird-ass project I've got going here.


  1. Rags is crashing upon startup of Cursed 9/16a. Just thought you should know.

  2. Can I use my previous saves with the new game version?

  3. I am the first Anonymous, I fixed the problem. To anyone having the same problem, the Rags installer seems to want to install only. When prompted to extract, extract to a folder or place you can find and run the Rags installer.

  4. From the looks of it. Getting your clothes tailored to fit properly when you have 'small A cup' breasts increases their size to 'ticklish A cup' breasts, causing you to need to buy new underwear.

    It doesn't seem to be an issue when they're 'ticklish A cups.'

    Also, cause someone was wondering with 9/16. - The time of the month seems to be working right on this one. But I'm not sure if getting pregnant is working right

  5. Where exactly do donators put their requests anyway? I know there's a 'comment' box at the donation site, but it's so tiny I thought an e-mail was the way to request things

  6. @freds_shadow
    You can put your request there and/or send an email to AM telling the donation information and then what you would like to request.

  7. one thing don't make sense to me when you start off your Femininity is Masculine then goes to slightly Masculine and then to Strongly Masculine.
    that seems backwards to me i would think you should start off Strongly Masculine at zero Femininity points followed by Masculine and then slightly Masculine

  8. @anon 1: thanks for that fix, i didn't know what was going on XD

  9. I'm curious how the 'slob' trait is acquired. I thought it was for wearing the sweats too often, but I've been mostly wearing the default outfit. Is it THAT outfit that gives the slob trait instead? It would seem sort of mean if it was the tracksuit and I only got the trait because of the few times my body changes required me to wear it.

  10. @Irrelevant Name: thanks, I did donate once and then send a list of suggestions, but I didn't make mention of donating, I don't think.

    On another note, showering no longer returns me to the bedroom (on purpose?).

    A suggestion: the bar should maybe advance time after each attempt to find a date (even if it fails or you're turned down).

    @anonymous: the incongruity of masculine/feminine matches the oddity of 'you have puny, almost non-existant muscles that are extremely visible on your... body". Always made me think I was a muscle-bound amazon in spite of being a weakling. :D

  11. had a lot of trouble with; finally got it working through the MSI distribution (the exe seemed to always reinstall for godforsaken reason)

    @freds_shadow: slobness is acquired by going out places without showering. doing so increases a counter by 1, and once it hits some set value, you are a slob. i don't know whether it ever goes down.

    and yeah, the muscle description is a bit misleading. i guess it just means that your weakness is highly apparent (as opposed to being fat, in which case it isn't as obvious whether you're weak and fat or a sumo-wrestler-type combination of muscle and fat)

    i don't like advancing time on every date attempt. maybe every 3rd attempt or something.

  12. question/suggestion

    frist what amount is required for donating and to get a game item added

    and suggestion is

    make the tailor guy available for home visit to fit your clothes at a higher cost than what it would if you went to him

    for instance instead of going to the mall
    you can pick up your phone call him over and it would cost double the original estimate for fixing clothes

    also notice that when i use test item to skip intro it refuses to let me remove the stolen panties that transform you at the start

  13. I just had an outfit that wouldn't fit the turn _before_ the body description changed. I think you may have a test the wrong way around.

  14. I found the bug. In the stripper path when you pregnant some time, you go to work, talk with Alice, but unable to work (because clothes disapeard) and unable return to home because you didn't work.

    BTW, i have encointer for futunary change, but.... nothing changed.

  15. The "get dressed" command doesn't work right. It says my clothes don't fit. But if I open the closet and put clothes on manually, its fine.

  16. I'd suggest something's wrong with the showering & slob trait, then. I've gotten into the habit of getting up, showering, using the yoga mat if I have it, and then mall, dojo, gym.

    The last two play throughs I've gotten slob trait, and in the last one I noticed several times it was telling me I hadn't showered even though I had.

    Has the game made it so you have to shower again if you do physical activities?

  17. any exercise done in the apartment makes you sweaty and need a shower. I normally do the following first thing in the morning.
    yoga, weights, shower, get dressed, rest of the day.

  18. Even when I made sure that of Rags was installed, the game still crashed on startup, saying this rags file was unreadable. Can anyone help/give me a fix?

  19. I had the same problem and after searching around I found this page: which links to

    It works fine for me now after I installed the above application.

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