Friday, September 2, 2011

Update 9/2

This is the bug fix update. Didn't have a lot of time to add new features, but this is also a major feature update, since the lab is actually reachable now. Swear to god. Cross my heart.

Major Updates
- Tested the activation of the "Go To The Lab" command, and it shows up, finally. And it does something too.

Minor Updates
- A couple of minor UI tweaks, nothing terribly major.
- Made the box of tampons work like the box of condoms (i.e. you can buy them repeatedly, in batches of ten).

Bug Fixes
- You cannot drink the bottle of milk in public anymore.
- Did some adjustments to footwear to hopefully squash the random non-natural charisma bonuses and penalties becoming permanent.
- The guitar and computer now check to see the time of day, and prevent use if it's too late.
- Maria will not show up fourteen days after the day she offers you the first "mission" if you turned her down.
- After reading the note and getting the information about being able to contact someone for help, you can use the telephone to do so.

Also, of note for people new to the RAGS engine: if you see a green outlining box around something, like the big window at the bottom of the screen, or the little box to the left of the room name, you can right click on that box to activate more commands.

And, if you download the game and get the error "Sorry, this rags file is unreadable", the best way to fix that would be to re-download the game (it was likely corrupted somehow during the download). If you keep seeing the error, make sure you're using RAGS, as earlier versions will not work.


  1. One thing I noticed, is that you actually earn Less at the stripper job when you trigger the random
    "You decide to finish off your set with some flashy acrobatics. You spin around the pole, hang upside down from it, and basically go a little crazy. It's tiring, but the crowd seems to enjoy it."
    As a private dancer I get $50 when that triggers, but $100 with the standard "After you're done your set, you collect your tips, and step off the stage. "
    Should this not be the other way around, for the first one be like $150 or something?

  2. Great game! But I beg you, please! add "arousal" state to the initial status bar, cause currently you add it after the intro, which is fine if you always start a new game, but if you'll try to load your save from the beginning, you won't be able to track your arousal state by status bars, which is sad... :(

  3. My charisma isn't moving at all, and i'm confident and all yet 0 natural and non-natural charisma

  4. Also, I noticed there are 'Club Clothes'. Do you intend to add a Club location, with say looks/confidence level req. to get in, and dance-skill influenced interactions inside, maybe some 'recreational' substances.
    Have an option where instead hunting for a date you just dance out on the floor and a random person walks up with the option of telling them off or dancing/whatever with them, ect.

  5. Rags is kind of a pain to program in, but the tradeoff is you get pictures. There is already a program that does text only called inform. I imagine you intend to add pictures. Do you want your fans to start culling the web and grabbing pictures for you?

  6. I got into the lab but theres nothing to do once there. I can "open" a door with the keys you swipe from the guard at the bar, but it still acts like the door is closed despite it saying it's open. The lab is basically a dead end right now. I just hope when I go back I don't get trapped in my room by Maria for failing like in the last version....

  7. Also, Maria's contact never shows up with what you order, it doesn't take your money either though but when you try to call her again it says you have to wait or something.

  8. Looks like you don't get stuck in your room for failing it.

  9. I think traits and sexual traits got bugged. It's May 22 and I have yet to get a single trait or sexual trait. Despite the fact I've been wearing heels since almost the beginning and have been wearing the tall heels for all of May. Yet, no Reformed Feet trait has been given amongst others.

  10. yeah, contact not showing up and getting no progress once the door is unlocked.

  11. Doubling on the bugged traits, none of the usuals pop up for given playstyles, like the Eroticism one. Previous playthroughs, pretty guaranteed to run through and snag, Reformed Feet, Slut, Drinker, Nympho, and two others I don't recall.
    Also confirming the Maria's contact, but now can hit up the lab.

    I will tell you what though, as a (now former) obsessive WoW player. I have not touched it since picking this up.

  12. So, I've infultrat3ed the lab and opened the locked door with the keys from the guard, Victor, but now there is no other options. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I've been trying to figure out what to do for about an hour. Thanks!