Friday, September 2, 2011

Bug Update - 9/2a

Well, I was intending to get a level or two in Final Fantasy XI, but since there's significant bugs in the release today, guess I'll need to work on that instead.


But yeah, streaming.

Stream done. I'll upload the new version in just a little bit.

New version (9/2a) uploaded.

Bug Fixes
- You can now properly order things via the phone once you're notified of the thief contact.
- You can now actually go into the lab and complete it. Probably (everything up to the security room has been confirmed as working).
- The traits system is working again (note to self: don't turn it off for testing purposes).
- The "arousal" status bar item is now visible from the beginning of the game until I figure out a different way to make it work.


  1. Here are two interesting and annoying things I noticed after playing the game for far too long last night:

    -Thank you for actually fixing the lab thing. Assuming it's fixed ...
    -My character was a stripper and I was kind of disappointed by two things: I can't change jobs, and there isn't a button to take off clothes and put on clothes right away. I understand that having to do everything singly can be a design choice, but I feel like it's more annoying here than it is helpful.
    Thanks for making the game, though. I'll be following this.

  2. @anon above me -

    You can put your regular clothing back on fast by right clicking the locker and selecting get dressed (I think that's what it says), as for getting undressed you can right click the big square with a green border to the right of the compass and select strip, then you can put on whatever outfit+shoes you want for that day of work.

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  4. Hum. ... Well, I missed the stripping. I thought it would result in my character being too inhibited to strip. I haven't had a problem yet now that I'm doing that, though I've been using the debug a lot in this play. Thanks.

  5. ok, so dumb question: is there a way to import a saved game from a previous version or do I have to start over from scratch? Please tell me there is a way 'cuz I have been playing for several hours and I just noticed the latest patch was released.

  6. Where exactly would the object you're trying to steal be? The only door that I hadn't picked/keypad opened was a closed security door in one of the hallways.

  7. The featureless halls of an institution of science. You wonder why they can't decorate, if only to break up the monotony of endless white walls...
    set of keys - Use Keys
    You have to try a few keys again, but eventually you find the right one and unlock the simple door to the security room.
    security door - Open The Door
    security door - Examine
    A security door. The words "Security Personnel Only" are painted on it, and the door has what looks like a pretty simple key lock on it.

    Does nothing apparently vOv

  8. Hmm, the shoe rack isnt showing up??

  9. Minor bug: The toilet retains the "use pregnancy test" action even after the test has been consumed by its first (and only) use.

    Also, out of curiosity, just how much of pregnancy is actually implemented? There's the "Yes" on the pregnancy test, and the Morning sickness, but the pregnancy itself never seems to progress...

    I've noticed that after being promoted to Private Dancer, if you get the "Aroused dance" text, you never seem to get the private dance option... I'm not sure if it's just terribad luck on my part, or if it's a bug... >.>

    The door has the "Go somewhere special" option during the prelude. It doesn't do anything, but...

    After purchasing the strap-on, the "Wear" option doesn't do anything... I'm assuming this is because it's not yet implemented.

    The "Find a date" option on the Bar Patrons sometimes does nothing. Feels like a bug, but if it's not, then there should be some kind of "You look, but don't find anything" text.

    Speaking of the Bar, I'm confused as to what (other than buying a drink) will clear the "Sting of rejection" and allow you to try for another date. I'm pretty sure it's happened to me a couple times, but I don't know what's causing it.

    Hope this helps! And I look forward to seeing more! =^.^=

  10. @Alonira

    The only way to do get rid of the sting of rejection is with a drink right now.

    I also noted the strap-on issue.

    I also noted the find a date issue.

    I don't recall the preg test issue but when I tested it I was NOT pregnant so that might be the difference there. Also it was 2 versions prior to the current release. I will do more testing.

    I noted the go somewhere special option as well, but never checked to see if I could go anywhere because I changed to a woman fully at the some time.

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that. I have some stuff to add but I will do that below.