Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bug Update 2 - 9/2b

Uploaded a new version.

Bug Fixes
- The lab now works as intended (it's been tested).
- Typos.


  1. I know it has been said, but it bears repeating - thank you for the hard work on this game.

  2. Something else I think would be neat is to randomize the sex scenes in a way. Kinda like how the prostitution scenes are in the neverwinter nights module A Dance With Rogues. Does a random die roll and chooses between 1 of several different starting scenes(also influenced by sex skill ect.) and choices.
    First random selection is sex type: oral, vaginal(either doggy, missionary, or against the wall) and anal.
    Then beginning of scene(say random beginning kissing the tip, licking(cock or balls) ect. leading to sucking or deepthroat then finish(random of them blowing in the mouth or on your face/chest ect.)
    Or for doggy, random between arching your back and spreading your cheeks face down, or looking back seductively, wiggling, ect. Lotta diff possibilities, with say a unique ending dialogue depending on the personality of the person you picked up.
    Dunno if it'd be easier to have an overarching sex system that doesn't matter which 'guy' you pickup then writing a new one for Each bar patron ect. you add.

  3. The link for downloading RAGS only leads to 2.2.8 which doesn't work with your game

  4. I'm able to run the game with 2.2.8. But I still can't get the security guard to do anything other than have a drink with me--does anyone mind giving me a hint? (if Anonymous Man doesn't mind)

  5. Not sure if this is a bug, or intended, but after getting a few days of "you wake up incredibly horny" (which I'm guessing is from taking the aphrodisiac too often), my lust will not drop below 80 at all.

  6. i am having the same problem, i got the message aying that you arent feeling uncontrolably horny anymore but i cant get arousal below 80 either.

  7. The femininity/weight loss/other attributes? Appears to be reversed. A full on salon trip jacks up your masculinity, and the weight loss pill makes you put on weight. So does the weight gain pill, for that matter.