Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update 9/6

The game will say 9/3 because I'm freaking stupid, but it's actually version 9/6.

Major Additions
- Succubus and Cat transformations are available. They are (currently) cosmetic only. To initiate, talk to the drug dealer and take the herbal pill (succubus) or the pink pill (cat), or, when you have the option of stealing from the lab, take the weird painting (succubus, look at it once a day) or the Egyptian statue (cat, just having it is enough).

Minor Additions
- There's a new magic shop in the mall, but you have to have some talent (read: you have to have the magic skill) to get there.
- The "big breasts" ending has been disabled while I work on another effect.

Bug Fixes
- You can now call Maria if you successfully steal the strange artifact.
- Stealing objects from the lab will now properly place them around your apartment and make them sellable when you return home.
- You can no longer hide in the laboratory storage room if you've already dealt with the guard.
- The guard will now react appropriately to you if you use your feminine wiles and fail.
- Victor (the security guard at the bar) will not suddenly forget your name and ask your for it again: he really won't know it until you tell him.
- Running from the lab without the strange artifact will allow you to try again. In most cases.

- Taking the aphrodesiac from the drug dealer carries a small risk of addiction. If you become addicted, then your arousal will be stuck at 80 until you recover from withdrawal (which takes a few days). In previous versions, it would not properly reset your minimum arousal, but that's fixed in this version. Note that the cooling drink has a similar, but not quite as extreme, withdrawal symptom.

Future Plans
- Smoking will be changed from an unremovable trait to an addiction, like other drugs, so that you can avoid the problems of not smoking by...not smoking for a while. The more you smoke, though, the tougher the addiction will be to overcome.


  1. I have gotten into the lab using both methods, and I have NEVER seen anything I can steal. What am I missing? Also, if I choose to deal with the camera by dancing past I do not get the option to pick the lock on the security room door--is this intentional?

  2. I get an error, i tried to get ie, but my computer is deciding not to install it. anyone got any ideas

  3. I can't start the game. Rags keeps crashing on startup. Is there any way you can compile the game into another format?

  4. Can you withdraw smoking ?

  5. @Panoptes: The option to pick the lock should be dependent on whether or not you have set off the alarm: if you have, you can't. Also, after you distract or get rid of the guard, go into the security room, disable the lab locks, and you should get three new rooms.

    @3rd post: Try redownloading. Apparently, there's a problem with Firefox (and possibly some others) where the .rag file will occasionally get corrupted when downloading. Maybe try a different browser.

    @Iris: Unfortunately, no, compiling the game isn't possible at all, actually. But try to redownload it. If you're getting the "RAGS Player has caused a problem and must be closed", then it might be a corrupted download. See above reply.

    @5th post: One plan I have for some time this week is to change smoking from a trait to an addiction, like the other drugs. I'll update the post with the information.

  6. I open 9-3, but when I load my save the game opens up 9-2 automaticcally. What do I do?

  7. @7th post: You can't use old save games with new versions due to the way RAGS is built. Sorry, you'll have to start over with each new version.

  8. yo, I found a bug with the high heels, if I wear them without the apropiate skill level they give me a permanent (and self cumulative) negative bonus on the unnatural charisma.
    I haven't tested if the oposite is posible yet.

  9. My technical aptitude and dexterity skills arent being saved when i export characters.

  10. Okay, I've deduced that the only way to beat the lab is to cheat. >.<

    There's simply not enough time beforehand to get enough money to get the tools you need (i.e. computer/guitar) AND pay the rent.

    Either incomes need to be boosted, or rent needs to be nerfed, or the introduction of this "quest" needs to be pushed back.

    It's frustrating almost to the point of rage-quitting. =|

  11. "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable." I tried downloading with three different browsers. Same error. Come on dude, it's not a browser problem.

  12. Heels that are worn automatically on leaving the apartment apply permanent charisma modifiers. They seem to work normally when manually worn.

  13. i couldn't get any of the new items i tried (baast statue, lithe pill, exotic herbal pill) to have any transformational effect. also, if you give maria the artifact at the deadline, her name still shows up in the phone list.

  14. I managed to beat the lab on a stripper/slut path. Seduce the security guard; get him drunk; use his keys to get in; use dancing skill to evade the cameras and feminine wiles to take out the guy in the control room.

    But yeah, a purely technical route is harder. The burglary tools could come down in price a little (depending on how useful they're going to be later in the game) but the computer is too useful to lower the price much. Probably pushing the event back by two to four weeks would be better. I know I'd like a bit more time to grind (no pun intended).

    For the unreadable file error: I find it happens when the browser tries to open it directly in RAGS, rather than saving it to disc to be opened later. Sadly firefox (for some bloody stupid brain-dead reason) allows RAGS to grey out the little tick-box that would set save-to-disc as the default action, so I get this a lot.

  15. not sure if im missing something, but i just started and when i get to the Mysterious Woman and past the alley scene there is nothing left, i grab the lipstick and panties and there is no continue , i go back inside still no continue, i cant progress i can only go in and out of the bar and there is nothing left after that >.< either im encountering a glitch or being almost 6 am now im blind, any help would be appreciated as this seems to be a cool game

  16. Does viewing the painting or using the herbal pill for the Succubus transformation have any affect other than "blood red eyes"?

  17. &Soul
    Right click the small box with a green border to the left of the name for the area you're at.

  18. Hey guys, downloaded the game and saved it on my pc, then installed the latest version of rags and it always says "Sorry, this RAGS game file is unreadable." any idea how to fix that?

  19. @anonymous before me: I had a similar problem.

    Here is what I did to fix it. First time around I had use the .msi file to install the RAGS engine. So I re-run it uninstall it, download the .exe installer which seems to deploy some extra files on your PC. I was able to read the game file properly afterward.

    Hope it helps.

  20. Thanks Anon , much appreciated :3 Very fun game btw :3

  21. media fire is down :(

  22. I see a problem with the elegant dress. If your body changes, it does not fit. If it happens outside the house, you're stranded, as you can't get home naked. If you don't have anything else at home, you're stranded at home, as you have no means of ordering clothes from the mall!

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