Monday, September 5, 2011

Stream Over

The stream is up. Today: transformation basics.

Stream is over. I didn't get as much done tonight as I wanted to, but some important baseline stuff as been added. I'll be streaming again at my usual 10am EST timeslot tomorrow.

No release tonight, simply because the bugfixes that I did were extremely minor or completely inconsequential, and the new stuff isn't actually in the game yet.


  1. The rate of private dances should be high if you are a private dancer, instead of an exotic dancer.
    only getting 1 per week, sometimes 2 seems off.

  2. if you accept the modeling job during the private dance you end up losing your purse.
    It's never on you or near the front door anymore.

  3. ^ also the leave for work option disappears when you accept that job, you get the red text saying you should hurry up for work but it's not there in the list of options anymore.