Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updated to

This is generally why I don't like using beta versions of things.

I've updated the game to be compatible with RAGS, since some people were reporting problems with The download link won't look like it's changed, but it has.

In other news, my schedule tomorrow is all screwed up due to the holiday, so I'll actually be streaming in the evening/night. I will post an update when I get more information (I'm flying by the seat of my pants), and I'll probably work on the game a bit during the day, but yeah. So you know.

And in case you're wondering, I came up with a full page of ways that transformation will work, so I have a solid framework for them, which is what I'll be implementing this week. Along with some pregnancy effects. FYI, to those that were curious, you CAN get pregnant in the game, it just doesn't DO much of anything; people don't comment on it, and once you get to 17 weeks, you're effectively screwed as you can't wear 99% of your clothes.

This, and other surprises, are in store. So stay tuned.


  1. anyone care to point me how to befriend the guard?
    No matter what I do he still rejects me... I'm left wondering if he's gay or something.

  2. I thought I'd try a secretary/nerd-girl play though.

    100% technical skill, and disabling the camera still sets off the alarm in the lab, which was a little unexpected.

    I'd also imagined that technical skill would help with the lockpicks. I know the description says that you need dexterity, but it's not really clear how to get that attribute ... unless lockpicking is determined by dancing skill.

    Can you try more than once? The message as you head home suggests that you only get one crack at the lab, although I notice it remains on the "somewhere special" sub-menu.

    Speaking of submenus, any chance of setting one up for the computer options?

  3. This has been bugging me since you removed the scene/picture pane: Is there any way to move the inventory up into the space it used to occupy and move the portrait/compass right?
    I'm a graphics designer and using that much horizontal space for text reading is a cardinal sin, and frankly hurts my eyes. <-- For Why

    If you can't shift around the inventory/compass/portrait elements I'll just make do with the workarounds I currently use, but I thought you should be made aware of the problem.

  4. @Samu
    Are you too keen to jump his bones? Be patient all good things comes to her who waits..!

    @Doc Clox
    Guitar - Dexterity


  5. I seem to be having problems getting the RAG file to operate with It says the file is unreadable. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Reload download it, probably a corrupt file.

  7. Every time I've downloaded the file it tells me the file is unreadable. I have no idea why.

  8. Well the same happened to me, I DL'd the file without an error many times but it said that is was unreadable. I tried again an hour later and it worked.

  9. Whenever I load a saved game I get strange errors. It plays fine from a new game, but if I save it I get all kinds of errors. The game is too long to try to take on in one sitting. How do I get saves to work?

  10. I've tried downloading multiple times across different days with the same problems.

  11. I find that if I d/l with firefox, it wants to open the file directly with RAGS and then the file is unreadable. But if I make sure it's saved to disk and then open it from the explorer, it works just fine.

    No idea why, but it happens every time. Making sure I save to disc is workaround enough.

    @fling: yeah, I realised it mut be the guitar about 10 mins after I posted...

  12. Thank you! I had to download it with IE...Firefox was corrupting it or something.

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  14. Typo on previous post.

    Got into the lab no problem, disabled guard, went back into the room with boxes and got the hide popup even though the guard should be disabled, managed to evade the guard though but couldn't figure a way out again or find the item for Maria.

  15. Yes, I'm also unable to locate the item for Maria. I try to use the 'Feminine Wiles" option, but there are no other options with the guard besides than run, fight, or feminine wiles again.

  16. I broke the keypad, and now I am unable to escape the building because the only way out is "A bad idea" and the only thing that I can interact with is the keypad, and I can only look at that.

  17. @fling:
    It's not exactly about that. He doesn't even bother to talk to me (so basically im failing to START a conversation with him). The game hints me that I should improve my looks, so far I tryed improving charisma but that didn't work, tryed a bunch of diferent dresses but neither of them worked.

  18. I get an error, i tried to get ie, but my computer is deciding not to install it. anyone got any ideas