Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update 9/8 (Reuploaded)

There was a problem with the Suspicion check (I got it backwards). New version uploaded at 2:13pm EDT.

Important note: The game is now saved as a .rar file archive, in an attempt to prevent the "unreadable" error. So, you'll need WinRar or something to open the file now.

Major Updates
- A new "Suspicion" mechanic. The more obviously inhuman you look, the more likely bad things will happen to you when you leave your apartment. Currently, it's just a warning, but eventually, you'll actually have to defend yourself or run away or...something.

Minor Updates
- New items: a coat, hats (which hide inhuman ears), and collars. The coat and collars don't do anything yet, but they're added to take advantage of a couple of things I'm planning on adding soon.
- New item: black dildo. Currently has the same arousal reduction as the regular dildo, but also carries a 10% chance of impregnation. When I get off my ass and finish it, it will reduce your arousal more, and the pregnancy it can force on you will be somewhat unique.
- New item: bag of special tea from the drug dealer. What does it do? Well, it makes you feel more feminine...and what can be more feminine than being pregnant? That's right, it increases your fertility by 10%. The highest chance of getting pregnant now is if you are 50% cow (animal heat unlocked), have the fertility statue, are in the fertile time of the month, and drank the special tea in the last 5 days, you have a 50% chance to become pregnant.
- Note: Pregnancy is still not fully implemented.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed footwear again. Please let this be the last time, code. Please.
- Fixed pregnancy chance, which wasn't actually rolling your chance properly.
- You can now sell your ill-gotten gains properly, notably the ming vase.
- Adjusted some actions to increase your femininity more or reduce your inhibitions faster.
- Fixed the cow transformation so that you see all the levels of transformation properly, and only once.

Known Bugs
- The gold lighter cannot be used to smoke. I have been looking at this for weeks and cannot figure out why it's not working. Until I do, do not buy the gold lighter. It doesn't have any special effects yet anyway.
- Taking the job from the two guys while a private dancer prevents you from working. This is because I haven't coded that job yet.

Also, hey! A new forum appears! It's actually Fenoxo's forum, but he's pretty awesome, so if you have any comments or would like to have a discussion about Cursed, feel free to go here and make a post or two. I will be checking there, so bug reports are valid as well.


  1. I get the guys in lab coats grabbing me every time I leave the house from the beginning.

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  3. The guys in white coats nab me _every_ time I walk out the door, from the beginning onward.

  4. Also, the black dildo shows up in the living room and isn't apparently usable unless I'm doing something wrong. Or is that what you meant by "when I get off my ass and finish it"?

  5. Ooo! Does all this pregnancy-related content mean that's the next feature to be fully implemented?! =D Please let it be so! =^.^=

  6. Not that I think that the Suspicion part is a bad idea (definitely should be part of the game)but perhaps you can put in a temporary item that reduces it to 0 for as long as you have it with you,(ex. a buyable illusion amulet or ring that you rewright later to a charm or other perk). Because it's bin three days that you added tranforming parts and not everyone has enough time play up to the full changes yet.

    If not then could you try and fix the jewelry sub screen as after you click the go to bed command and take off everything else, you leave the jewlry on, even the strip command is the same. Seems like a unfinshed part of the script to me or is that supposed to be manual.

  7. I always get an unreadable RAGS file when I try ti run it. I even tested the RAR and there was no errors. What did I do wrong?

  8. Footwear seems to work correctly now when returning from the club, but permanent charisma modifiers still apply when heels are auto-worn on leaving the apartment.

  9. Any tips on lowering inhibition?

    Awesome game btw.

  10. I noticed in the 9-7 build that cum addiction doesn't have a description when you check your sex traits. It also doesn't seem to alter the scene where you blow the guy in the strip club. I haven't tested it with the office executive because, with the drug dealer exploit fixed, it takes way too much time or save-scumming to develop.

  11. 9-6 didn't show transformation additions, so will this one? I'd gotten the tail, claws, and eyes of the succubus, and even a penis, but none of them appeared in any aspect of the appearance.

  12. Still getting lab issues.

    Let myself in with vic's keys. Disabled the cameras with scrambler, which set off the alarm. (I guess I should have saved my money and hacked it). Then I head off into the lab, vomit light at the ready. The security door is open, but there's no spot to let me enter. The guard is nowhere to be seen, and I can't hide in the storeroom, although from comments elsewhere I gather that was the intention.

    After messing about for a bit, I notice the door is closed. I try to pick it and fail (no lockpicks or skill, so fair enough) and then get the brilliant idea of using vic's keys again. It tells me that I can't do that before I deal with the camera. But I can't do that because the camera won't give me a "deal with" option on account of I disabled the entire network with the scrambler...


  13. Why does my non-natural charisma keep going into the negatives?
    It seems like it's started happening in last few updates. I haven't done any transformations yet so I don't get it...

  14. Non-natural charisma seems to still be going in the negatives with Medium Heels (maybe others too).

    Also - somehow I went from 5'6" to 6'6" without any sort of in between. I didn't see anywhere in particular that would mess with my height, but I've dropped a log of my playtime from the last time I saw I was 5'6" to the first time I showed up as 6'6" in case that helps you narrow down what happened.

  15. You can see a change in body shape the day before you stop being able to wear your clothes. But the tailor doesn't recognise yoru garments as needing adjustment, even after trying them all on. So he won't fix them.

    Which means as the secretary, you're still forced into taking days off to get your wardrobe adjusted.