Monday, October 31, 2011

Update 10/31

And we're back on track. Took longer than I wanted, but I started late, so whatcha gonna do.

Also, Happy Halloween. I dressed up as a stressed journalist named Dick Justice.

Major Updates
- Style system implemented. There are currently five possible styles available, and getting them provides bonuses to Natural Charisma (once), Non-Natural Charisma (always), and sometimes a skill or trait (once). Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with more eventually.

Minor Updates
- Slob trait will now, as long as you're not going to be dirty, reduce by 1 point every day (i.e. if you've done something that requires showering, but don't shower, you will not lower your Slob trait). Unless you have the Slob trait, which is permanent once unlocked. Oh, and because of this change, Slob is now much easier to unlock (15 points instead of 40).

Bug Fixes
- If Maria is around, you will not have morning sickness, if pregnant.
- All the problems caused by the sweatsuit and sports bra being "exercise" clothing have probably been fixed.  This includes the problem of returning from the beach and not putting them back on, going to the strip club to work and not being able to put them back on, and a couple of others.
- Jogging should now properly remove your shoes. It doesn't put the sneakers on, but it will take off any footwear before throwing you into the shower. Unless you're a slob, but you already knew that.
- Werewolf transformation will work after getting your Wolf Instincts above 50.
- Having the female client suddenly become a male client during the Stripper job has been fixed.
- The "Tall Woman" random event will no longer reset your height change counter if you're already getting taller or shorter from something else.

Reported Issues
- Someone reported that using the "Get Dressed" command sometimes doesn't allow you to put clothes on, even though putting them on manually is successful. If this is for a specific article of clothing I need to know which one. If it's for all of them, please let me know. If it only happens when you Import/Export or port over a save, this is not a bug with the game, but with the engine, which I cannot fix.
- Someone reported a long-lasting period. Please let me know exactly what the problem is so that I can fix it.


  1. Yay! An update! And I hope you like your new computer.

    Has styling been enabled? I've downloaded the linked 10-31 and started a new character, but it seems that it hasn't been enabled. Using Genevieve's option of "Get Hair Styled ($25)" says "You admire your hair in the mirror for a moment, wondering if perhaps in the next version you should get it styled."

  2. ^ Same here. Even made my hair grow so I could try it with longer lengths, still nothing.

  3. Using the growth inducer for height still causes an endless loop instead of an increase.

  4. Haven't added the hints to the Style magazine yet?

  5. if I wrote pregnancy content would you implement it?

  6. The styles are for a group of things you wear/have. Like, if you have blonde hair, and big boobs, along with wearing the 'right' kind of clothes/makeup et al., you'll get the 'bimbo style bonus'.

  7. Glade to have you back Anonymous Man and also Happy Halloween to you as well

  8. Happy Halloween anonymous.

  9. In regards to the "Get Dressed" problem - I've noticed it after wearing the School Girl Outfit at the strip club. It will say you can't get dressed while wearing clothing, even though you've already taken it off. Of course putting everything on manually works fine.

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