Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update 10/12

A new location ain't too shabby for an update, right?

Major Updates
- New location: the beach. You'll need a swimsuit to really do anything there, so...
- New items: swimsuits can now be purchased. They never require tailoring, so rest easy.

Minor Updates
- The syringe of green liquid (growth hormone) now has different text if you use it when knowing the effect.
- Due to overwhelming demand, I re-tweaked lactation. It's now actually easier than it used to be to get started on lactation, but I tweaked the levels a bit, so that it's just a bit harder to max out.

Bug Fixes
- You can now go jogging at the appropriate times, and only once per day.
- Go for a walk now takes time, as was intended.
- Buying the t-shirt and jeans doesn't degrade your body size anymore. Yays.

Also, worth noting: the long-awaited long stream will be tomorrow. I'm going to try to start around 10-11am, and go until 5pm. We'll see how much I can get done in that time.


  1. I was wondering if the trait overwrite was intended for the Succubus transformation at 90 points. I kind of wanted to make a Lactating Submissive Succubus but with that transformation all of the previous traits were erased and replaced.

  2. Jogging only works one time.. the next day it tells me i already went when i hadn't.

  3. Swimming doesn't advance time (guessing it should)

    The swimsuits work a bit differently, but are you going to give a text to them when you examine yourself while wearing them?

  4. I noticed a bug that happened twice already, around April 22-th my character gets a period that never ends and tampons don't help. It'd be great if you could fix that :P

  5. Found a bug. If you get kicked out of the beach in the evening, you don't remove your swimsuit and you can't manually take it off once you get back. You can still wear clothes but you can't put on any underwear anymore.

    Also, @ the above poster, I get the neverending period problem when I load a game from an old version. That feature still has some kinks.

  6. That sounds much better on lactation, thank you so much. <3

  7. Adding to the bug on getting your swimwear stuck, since the stripper clothes are classed as underwear you can't do the job anymore. It's the skimpy bikini for me. I'm not sure if the others do it as well.

  8. Also jogging has been bugged for me. I've done it once, and after that, whenever I try going, it say I've already jogged that day, even though I haven't.

  9. Found that when you get a sunburn, you get a -1 to Charisma, but if you apply lip balm, it sets it to +1 Unnatural Charisma.

  10. Sorry, never-mind on my last bug report, can't seem to replicate it, there must have been other things affecting it, not sure what.

  11. Obviously your busy but any chance of finishing GooGirl :) Really rare to get and depressing when she leaves :(

  12. Many thanks for all your work.

  13. Why does RAGS need full access to my computer?

  14. I have a bug report, I think it goes with the neverending period, but I cant use Tampons and cant wear the Dildo panties

  15. I have a bug. After Maria gives you the quest to "infiltrate the lab where this artifact is being studied and retrieve it for me"

    After I accept it. I cant leave the bedroom.

    had this bug in "11 October" version too.

  16. I believe you need to read a note in the bedroom before you can move. If you have already done that, well, that's another issue.

  17. oh thank you, did't se it.

    How can i prevent sun burn? did't find anything in the store.

  18. Real one this time, after visiting the Fight club (And being told my boobs are too big to fight), found that my Martial Arts (Judo) started going down by 2 points every time period. Obviously too fast to keep up with it, and I couldn't see anything that was obviously causing it.

  19. Great job with the new location and actions, you've really been cranking it out (especially given what's been happening RL)

    Just a few small bugs or suggestions to 2nd:

    1) After leaving the beach at one point it doesn't properly unload the clothes, including the fish-net blouse. Next time I return to the beach it tells m I can't do anyting because I don't own a bikini (I owned 2 at that point). When I return the third time it finds the bikini option (after telling me it can't put on the other one over it) but the shirt is not recoverable and is not available for sale at the store anymore. I don't know how RAGS code works but it may be worthwhile to try and check (in the stores) for the variable of 'is item on person or home closet' to allow or disallow a sale, and any items left elsewhere just erase. Otherwise perhaps just having global ownership bools that you set but never un-set, and if set and the item is not worn it automatically appears in the closet but not in the store. Again, not sure how RAGS handles that though but it may help

    2) For tanning I cannot seem to find the sun-tan lotion it is talking about needing (so I don't come out as a lobster). The places I naturally checked first were the drug-mart and 'super convenient'

    3) As listed above, jogging can only be done once

    4) The way the lip balm wears off feels a bit arbitrary and is distracting, especially given that the purse changes what frame it is in and often starts closed. May be better to just have it wear off when the character goes to sleep so it can become part of 'routine actions' player gets in the habit of. (And lipstick may work too?)

    5) This would take a bit more work so seriously ignore it if you've got other stuff you wanna work on, but it would be nice if 'go jogging' would also remember the last outfit you wore when you went jogging and try to put that on you, and then switch it back when you get home. It just breaks up the flow a bit when you have to go back and change, then jog, then change again

    6) Also, just a bit of an oddity - once you have exhibitionist trait you can go out in a fishnet and no underwear, but at the mall you still 'would not be caught dead in' the thigh-highs or wearing a tramp stamp (or getting some of the piercings). I am not quite sure what numbers these are attached to, just felt like an odd combination

    7) In the bdsm girly encounter you get a sentence in there that seems a bit out of place: 'blah blah blah sex scene', I don't know if that was intentional? There is probably a simple sentence that could quickly replace more effectively like 'you spend hours doing unspeakable things to each other' or some other random quote off of literotica.

    That's all I have so far, only had a chance to play for a few hours, but keep up the totally awesome work!

  20. Ack - slight update, the shirt does appear in the strip club later so you can recover it that way. Not optimal but you can get it back and may explain why it disappears - just goes to wrong place.

    On another note though the drug guy only appeared twice and then hasn't appeared since for a good while. Perhaps tie his chance of showing up to whether or not the player is buying from him on the previous visit(s), with a min and max chance? At least until the phone call becomes available?

    Also, I can totally see why you would not want to list each tattoo and piercing in the base description, but perhaps some over-arching statement might help like 'unblemished skin'->'some tattoos'->'heavily tattooed' and '..->fashionable piercings->heavily pierced', with maybe a note about the more interesting choices?

    Last thing for the night. The character woke up and, even though I had been choosing all submissive options from street encounters and videos (and wearing a collar), she picked up the Dominant trait. Guessing it was the choice of footware, but I am thinking the actual selections should have more influence? Along the same vain I keep noticing that I can suddenly only encounter men, and then I look and see my character became straight - but she sleeps with men usually becomes they have a higher percentage of appearing then women. There are a few ways this might be handled easier - let the character search for a particular kind of encounter, let the character search specifically for men or women, or have the yes/no choice the player makes be very influential while the actual act not be as influential.

    (These are just things I noticed, not big deals, I'll try and do actual requests next time you do a donation stream ;D )

  21. mmm..yea.. i started a new game with the new build as a stripper and the club is apparently permanently closed with me eventually running out of money and starting to starve.

    Also.. the sex skill stat is not showing up in the skill description.