Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update 10/13

Wow, that was long. I might do that again next week, though, as I feel I got a lot of stuff done. I mean, look at this changelog!

Major Updates
- The bulletin board now shows your performance towards the next promotion when you're an exotic/private dancer.
- New Jobs! Hooker and Nude Model are now actually available as job promotions from the exotic and private dancer jobs (note: Nude Model is only available via Private Dancer). However, despite my best efforts, Nude Model is not implemented, so DO NOT take the job if you want to continue the game. Also, Hooker only has one type of interaction available for now. I'm simply too tired after 6 hours of coding to get it done. I'll try and finish/add to it tomorrow.

Minor Updates
- Tweak: when you elect to go jogging without wearing the appropriate clothes, you'll get a message stating that you put your sweatsuit on before you go jogging. This does not affect the Get Dressed command (the game will still remember the last outfit you wore willingly).
- You can no longer fight at the fight club if you're too pregnant (8 weeks for normal pregnancy, 1 week for inhuman).
- New Interaction: beach girls at the beach. Random (20%) chance of showing up.
- Tweak: Slut and Nymphomaniac now take longer to acquire.

Bug Fixes
- You should now have your swimsuit taken off and your clothes properly reapplied when you go home from the beach.
- Jogging now properly resets at the end of each day.
- Suntan lotion is available in the convenience store (whoops).
- Latex Keyhole Dress will now only use the "get dressed" command once instead of twice.
- When you go to the beach, your clothes will no longer appear in the locker at the strip club, instead remaining in your inventory.
- Clothes that remain in your inventory at the beach will have the "Wear" command deactivated, so that you can only wear the swimsuit until you return home.
- After the first day of being too pregnant to work at the strip club, you can now go back to work properly.

Known Problems
- The suntan lotion doesn't work properly. Somehow the check got changed from making sure it's in the cabinet to something else. Will be fixed in the next build.
- Swimsuits don't remove properly when you leave the beach. The check to remove the swimsuits got moved down to after the check to get dressed somehow. Have I mentioned that RAGS is weird?


  1. Will you ever implement an age system?

  2. Sun tan lotion doesn't seem to be working, when I go to it in the cabinet, it says just having it will be enough, but if I go to beach, I get lobster-cooked. Not sure if there's something I'm missing.

  3. I think the swimsuit is still a bit buggy. I'm unable to remove white cotton bra and panties and the swimsuit is perma-stuck as "worn" whenever I see it in the inventory. Still though, other than a couple of bugs I am a huge fan of this game. :D

  4. Yeah, I think adding a remove feature for the swimsuits if they get stuck on outside of the beach would be the easy fix.

  5. yeah the bug also includes the current bra and panties that you are wearing when you go to the beach

  6. I'm not 100% sure about this but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    The bar encounter with the woman who tries to dominate you and who you can then instead dominate yourself only seems to occur when you're bisexual. I haven't been able to get it to show up when you're a lesbian at all.

  7. Hey did you like completely disable the stripper job and not even realize it? I've restarted several times, taking the job, but the 'prepare to leave for work in the blah blah' msg never comes up and I can never do to work it just says the club isn't open today all 7 days of the week. Whats going on here?

  8. fail to get work from the bottom two folders (undone?), the employer in office work does not work (empty text), changing the size of the garment is still broken (money takes, but for two days, so nothing has changed) - tested on version 10 - 10.

  9. From what i've seen when you ask for more information on promotions in the eroticism career chain the amount of money your told is far less than the amount you actually make.

  10. Holy crap! Wow, you make me look downright lazy, most impressive!

  11. So when can we expect advancments in the other job options?

  12. Jogging doesn't advance time, I get the feeling it should do, as with walking.

  13. Not sure if this is a new bug with this version or not, but no matter what magic I use it seems that my natural charisma is slowly declining after using induce confidence once.

  14. Jogging says you're tired and sweaty, but does not mark you such (does not allow taking a shower again). Then again, taking a shower automatically would be nice, too.

  15. -Cannot go to work to the Nines
    -Cannot wear underwear 27/7(all-time period)

  16. Purple hair dye changes hair to platinum.

  17. Cannot wear revealing underwear. There is no "wear" option.

  18. Got all tattoos, but not the tattoo trait. Assuming that there is one.

  19. I've just installed iStripper, and now I can watch the hottest virtual strippers stripping on my taskbar.