Friday, October 14, 2011

Update 10/14

Writing sex scenes gets repetitive, man...

Major Updates
- More interactions in the Hooker job (sex! group sex!).

Minor Updates
- When doing any home exercise action that makes you sweat, as long as you don't have the slob trait, you will automatically move the bathroom and shower.
- Going jogging will no longer change your Last Footwear to sneakers.

Bug Fixes
- Waitress job should be working again (I tweaked it without testing to see if it was broken, but it worked for me, so...)
- Swimsuits are now properly removed when you come home from the beach.
- Suntan lotion is properly considered when you're tanning.
- Jogging using up time as intended.

If, while you're playing as a hooker, you're not satisfied with the sex scenes that I skipped (can only write so many!), then do the following:
1) Write a replacement sex scene.
2) Write an email to anonymousmangames AT gmail DOT com
3) Paste that sex scene in there.
4) Get angry/happy when I reject/accept it and put it in the game.


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  2. Purple hair dye is turning hair platinum and the stripper job still is broken and when i mean by broken is that the morning prompt to say its your day to go to work wont show up any day of the week.

  3. Did you accidentally take out Suntan lotion from the mall?

  4. Stripper job is working fine for me. However, it seems that jogging still doesn't advance time, and the issues with sneakers being set to last worn shoes seem to remain.

  5. I think AM needs to tell people to keep starting new games. If you load an old save I run into the problems above. If you start over the sneaker thing and the stripper job are both fixed. Suntan lotion is in the drug store I believe and it works.

    Minor bug. If you run into a random encounter on the way to the beach, you won't put on a swimsuit. It was the sex for money event for me. Not sure if they all do it.

  6. Find bug in 10-12 swimming infinite. What do I do if clothes are not worn during weight change and breast? After all, Taylor changes only put it on. Can add a menu to the old clothes "to fit the size of the take"

  7. that with graphics, why it does not exist (in other games there)?

  8. I've had a period 11 times in 18 days so far from a new start. It always seems to happen in random games for me. Sometimes it works right, sometimes it doesn't.

  9. Not sure if bug or if you changed it to be this way, but I went from curvy to very thin in the course of three days by having a light diet and doing yoga.

  10. Another oh so simple but neat idea:
    Maybe make an opening screen ala rpgmaker games, with new game - continue - exit
    Selections instead of always being prompted to enter your name and start anew before being able to load old saves?

  11. Started a new game, having an endless period that won't consume tampons or let my char wear underwear.

  12. Werewolf event seems to be a bit bugged.

    Got the event, fought and lost, got the message that my wounds healed rather fast.

    Wikipedia said if you lose the fight the chance to get transformed is 100% (3 weeks + weird dreams) finished maria event, got magic, bird statue and weird painting(never used cause i thought it would interfere with the werewolf tf).

    Played for a whole year(game time), still no transformation. and after the first 3 months i lost to the werewolf again and after some time i lost again and nothing.

  13. Agree with the Werewolf event being bugged. For the last couple weeks I've managed to fight and lose or ran and got caught over 20 times. When the walk bug was introduced she got attacked every night for a week. So far nothing has happened after playing for a month of game time after that. Somehow 1 time fatass managed to outrun the thing in heels. She had a hearty diet, never went to the gym or dojo for over 2 weeks. She worked as a secretary and watched porn in her free time. Guess the thing couldn't stop laughing.

  14. I also got the never-ending period glitch, I got my period the day after maria came to answer questions, and even though I'm not getting the period notices anymore, I still can't wear underwear, and tampons are not being used

  15. I think the "pose" option for the bathroom mirror should change with the various transformations.

    Also, my character doesn't put on her shoes when she "gets dressed" after working a shift at the strip club.

  16. Why, reach two jobs (green and black folder)? And what about the clothes you no longer possible to put (chest prevents)?

  17. Even with a new download and a new game I found myself locked out of the stripper career. It would hit Wednesday and I wouldn't get the text and it wouldn't let me go at the right time.

  18. Going for a jog makes you go take a shower after only the first time. Subsequent jogging sessions do not send you to the bathroom automatically(and they seem to not increase dirtiness eithr).

  19. Also, it seems that Jogging takes no time on subsequent jogs(not sure if it took time on the first). Intended? Y/n

  20. Need:
    1) More cheats for Test Item to help with having to constantly start over time and time again . . .
    2) The ability to change jobs.
    3) Anal. Seriously. Someone needs to get fucked up the ass.

  21. I like where this is going, and once I am caughtu p on my jobs I'll send more awesome happy stuff for hooking scenes, but wanted to just throw this in. I like the idea behind the shower solution, but having you thrown there after an exercise routine makes it a touch annoying to do treadmill and yoga on the same day (since you have to go back to where they are), and for those who want to be slobs (I don't) it is impossible to get that trait since you'll always clean up after. A reminder 'you haven't showered' may suffice perhaps?

    Oh, one more thing I am noticing my mind dwelling on playthrough after playthrough. Sometimes I miss-click and go to the mall before a work shift, the warning comes up 'you should go to work' while I am at the mall, but at that point it is impossible to get to work (because you first advance time to get home, by which point you missed your shift). Perhaps from the mall there should be an option to 'go to work', at least if that is something the player should be doing in that moment?

  22. For anyone whining about anal, the creator has already stated that he won't be doing it, since he doesn't like it.

  23. *sigh* sooo many bugs.. is it ever going to least for 1 day so i can play through without having to quit early?

  24. I've found no bugs so far (logical fractures, yes, no bugs though). You know what would be helpful, last Anonymous?

    Actually tell what those 'soo many bugs' are. Because without that, it's just pointless whining. I understand that the internet is formed of 33% porn, 33% whine and 33% lolcats, but that's no reason to fall into line.

  25. Have to agree with Andru. We're getting a chance to watch a game in development. Features are being added faster than most commercial games, and they are not fluff changes - they can effect large chunks of the underlying logic. There will be bugs, and they are getting fixed rapidly as well. Either assist in the bughunting or sit it out while the polished product you demand (for free) is being created.

  26. Couple bugs (probably) to report...
    1)After the random bar encounter with the submissive girl being hassled, if you elect to leave her alone and return to your apartment, the sex scene text still displays.
    2)The revealing underwear from nipples and dimes does show up for purchase after gaining the exhibitionist trait, and does go into inventory properly, but has no 'wear' command, can only examine it. Current character is 30% cow, not sure if that's relevant.
    3)Same 'phantom period' bug as previously reported.
    Game is really turning out nicely, keep up the great work!

  27. I got the phantom period issue, however, it was after running out of tampons. Reverted to a save from a few game days prior and bought surplus tampons, this bypasses the issue. If I understand correctly, it's a very difficult bug to fix, so until AM gets around to finding a cure, just make sure to have spare tampons around and you won't have an issue.

    On to new bugs: The group sex event in the hooker job doesn't reduce Lust, I get the feeling I should. (Seeing as you did this about five minutes before the end of the stream, AM, this is absolutely forgiven)

    The blowjob event only works half the time, some times it works properly, other times it cuts off at the "Go to the alley" line, time is not moved, money is not added and "Go home" doesn't recognise it as a job being done, so it doesn't have much of an effect other than being a bit weird.

    Finally, The Beach Girls event, if you go with them at Late Afternoon, it doesn't force you to go home at Evening, allowing you to go swimming or similar before it forces you home at Late Night. Again, not a major issue, but I'm pretty sure it's not intentional.

  28. >since he doesn't like it.

    Then why bother releasing this game for public consumption?

  29. Because, shockingly, 'the public' might not agree with what you consider a mandatory fetish. Shocking, I know, you being the center of the Universe and all.

    Snarkyness aside, no one is making you play it. if you don't agree with the (lack of) content in the game you're welcome to not play it. Because, in the meantime there are other people who like this game despite of any features the game might have/lack. And which have the common sense of looking for their unrepresented fetish in other places.

    If only there was such an invention that consisted of porn, whining and lolcats then we wouldn't be having this conversation...

    Oh wait, so much for dropping the snarkyness.

  30. Furthermore, are you seriously implying that everyone who drops in here has the right to demand what to be put in the game, and then just go: "Herp derp, if AM doesn't want to put kitchen sink sex in the game, why did he release the game to the public?"

    You're either criminally dense, or an exceptionally good troll. The 4-chanesque quoting style makes me lean towards the later.

  31. Any chance there will be an option for permanent hair removal for the bikini line?

  32. I created a new game and I'm also unable to go to work. Seems like starting the stripper job is broken.

  33. Started a new game, played for a good while, now I have this weird bug where my natural charisma is dropping steadily.

  34. Can't seem to get promoted from waitress to novice stripper

  35. Some sex scenes, like the one with chen from the bar, does not increase the sex skill.

  36. Nevermind, we don't need any anal content.

    We already have Andru.

  37. I would like to point out the following:

    1) I have made my position on anal content clear multiple times. I have a page on my blog specifically stating that it will not be in the game, ever, and I stand by that.

    2) The comments section is not the place for petty animosity. So knock it the fuck off.

  38. Read about your recrimination sometimes Interestingly, but still what to do if after breast augmentation for a longer amount of clothing not worn(I worked as a secretary, but there must be a dress code)

  39. forgive me for not keeping up, but is there a way to import saves still? Or do we have to start over for each update?

  40. For the guy who has his natural Charisma drop off steadily. This is most likely the effect of using spells from the Mind school. "Induce Luck" "Induce Lust" or whatever.

    I don't know of any way raising the charisma back (piercing and tatoos are one time only, and posing is limited to sub 20).

    However, it would be nice if there was some indication in-game what the cost of the spell would be, other than magic points. Like, say, after using it the first time.

  41. @ Nell.

    You can load old saves with new game versions now. New RAGS feature. But there are some issues with it still, throwing bugs where they shouldn't as opposed for a clean start.

    It's good to see the new features, but less so for testing.

  42. charisma leak is there, even without spells (don't have magic). Might be lip balm related, but not sure - need to go back in saves and see where it started dropping. Would there a way to get the testing item to list all the positive/negatives to charisma easily to run down this bug (not familiar with RAGS, so no idea how hard)?

  43. Bug - when heading to the beach I had the random encounter of someone calling me a whore. I ignored him and continued to the beach - where I did not put on my swimsuit, and could only head home.

  44. Messed with the keypad in the Lab before getting the keys/card from Security dude. Either I'm super dense and I couldn't figure out how to enter the key code or it's bugged. (Still managed to get in via locked door).

  45. is there any way to hack a savegame for money or stats for fun? thanks

  46. Until the problems with loading old saves is fixed with rags(if ever) an expanded test item could be useful.
    The whole point of loading old saves is so You Dont Have To Spend Practically All Day to recreate your character Every Time theres an update(practically every day) just to see the couple of new things added to jobs, ect.
    I'd rather have import/export back then restart completely every single update just to avoid the bugs it creates(such as no longer being able to call the drug dealer, among other things)
    Maybe have an option on the test item that enables a zero-cost complete body altering spell(hips, butt, lips, fitness, ect every thing) as well as change jobs and select the progress level in said jobs.
    It would probably speed up the testing of new features as you wouldn't need to waste time building up to the point you Can test those features.

  47. to person who keeps whining about Anal content shut up, its a free game he puts effort into this and has specificly said he's not gonna add some stuff with alll the other stuff he's putting in and working on and actually listens to people, while keeping this free, go find some other place to whine, sorry

  48. When you go out jogging without clothes on, it still says that it rubs unprotected against your clothes. Also, my jogging was working just fine till today when now it stops passing time.

  49. Dante needs to learn that more than one person can use the Anonymous tag and that more than one person can be interested in the same things.

    That being said, how is it so uncouth to ask for a feature that is being denied by the developer for some anal and prudish reason? Yes, it is a poop chute, you shit from there. So fucking what?

    The womb and the process of birth is also something that is not supposed to be sexual or arousing. Yet you have that included. As well as futanari, bondage, some foot fetish indulgences, etc.

    How the fuck can you be so anal about anal? And it's a PARAGRAPH, not a "page". A webpage, yes, but severely lacking in any elaborate or satisfactory explanation.

  50. @Previous Poster:
    There's the reason:

    I don't want to.

    End of story.

  51. The game developer is free to do as he chooses, I suppose. It's the product of his work after all. Still, it does feel a bit weird. It's like finding a prostitute who doesn't do oral. You accept that, of course, but in your mind you're thinking "wtf, is she for real?"

  52. Nobody wants anal except for a vocal minority.

    If it bothers you that match just replace the word vagina with ass in every sex scene you read.

  53. Just started playing this a day or so back.

    Some things that cause me problems ...

    * It doesn't seem possible to take your other sets of clothing to the mall. The tailor only fixes the one your wearing, so it's easy to get unwearable clothes hanging around.

    * I find it difficult to stay at the 'right level' of fitness / muscularity. Maybe this is my lack of experience at the game, but its so easy to overshoot into muscular amazon territory or start shooting up in weight / butt size as soon as you cut down your exercise.

    For the latter, could we have some feedback messages from the exercise actions?

    - Not exercising enough to maintain fitness level:

    "You feel you need to do more today, or you'll start losing some of that muscle."
    "You feel you made a good start, but you need to exercise more."

    - Exercised just enough to maintain fitness level.

    "You feel you've done enough for today."
    "You feel you'll make some real improvements if you keep going for just a bit more."

    - Exercised enough to increase fitness level.

    "You feel you've made some real progress today."
    "You can practically feel your muscles growing."

    For the weight thing - maybe you could buy some weighing scales in the Mall? You'd get a feedback message if you weigh yourself on it in the bathroom.

  54. The vocal minority that seems to crave anal is very welcome to make their own TF game centered around a man-turned-girl(or just straight gay) that likes getting hir turd tunnel trainwrecked if they don't like AM's reasons for not adding it.

    I actually Like the fact it's not there, nya nya =P