Monday, October 17, 2011

Update 10/17

It's an update that, once again, is labeled incorrectly (10/15 instead of 10/17). But oh well. Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.

Major Updates
- More hooker options!

Minor Updates
- Wolf Howls event will now be different if you are infected and if you are a werewolf yourself.
- Tweaked Fat loss from exercise (it's now slower).
- You can no longer buy the "special" tea from the drug dealer until after you speak to Maria on Day 17 (the special tea increases fertility, which means you can become pregnant before your "plumping" is turned on, so to speak).

Bug Fixes
- Purple hair dye will now turn your hair purple instead of platinum.
- Removed the possibility of seeing a random encounter on the way to the beach (there's no reason it should prevent you from automatically putting your swimsuit on, but it does for some reason...).
- Getting hit by the big wave while swimming in a one-piece suit now properly advances time.
- Jogging will now have you take a shower (only if you DON'T have the slob trait), and will advance time properly.
- Saving the submissive girl at the bar and not taking advantage of her will no longer show a partial sex scene. On a related note, fixed her sex scene.
- The blowjob option for the hooker job was deadended at a certain point because I forgot to include a scene. Guess what! I included that scene now!
- Beach girls interaction now properly checks to see if it's too late after you're done interacting with them, and sends you home if appropriate. In addition, they will only stick around for one time block, so if you don't interact with them and do something else instead, they'll move on.

Known Bugs
- People are still reporting crazy periods. I need to know exactly what you are doing that causes them. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. If you have two save games, one from before you noticed the problems, and one from after, that would be fantastic for me to try and isolate the cause.
- Still getting reports of problems with the stripper job. As above, please send me an email with a copy of your save game so I can see what's going on.


  1. And whatever you do, don't cross the stream.

  2. unrelated, but i'm having trouble with lip balm. i can't reapply it. it always says my lips are still glossy, etc.

  3. You mentioned that you can improve the work (read on board the dancer), got a perk "high shoes" dance talent 48, the model looks, muscles Amazons - that I missed? It may be better options? The problem of clothing will do anything?

  4. With with a graphical interface? From his decided to get rid ?

  5. the stripper job is still not working for me and I am not doing save overs, im still doing restarts even without cheating.

  6. @Onikumomaru

    He needs details in order to isolate the problem. If I were to walk up to you and say "There's something wrong with your car." and walk away, you could spend hours looking it over and still not find it. If, however, I were to say "Your turn signal is burnt out." Then it becomes easy to, after some testing, figure out which light is burnt out and replace it. To take it a step further, if I were to say "Your left rear turn signal is burnt out" then after testing to make sure that the problem does indeed exist, you can get right to fixing the problem.

    In your case, provide details like: HOW is it not working? Does it work for a bit and then stop? If so, what do you do between the last time it works and the first time it doesn't? If it's never working, explain step-by-step how you're starting your game every time (Probably do this one in an e-mail, since it'll get kinda lengthy).

    If you've given the details before, give them again anyway, to save A-Man the trouble of hunting down your original posting.

    For the record, I've never had a problem with the stripper job, except a minor thing toward the end of the job tree (Private Dancer) where when I go home, it gives the "Go home" text twice... >.> But it doesn't affect functionality at all.

    But on that subject, I sure don't get a lot of calls for Private Dances as a Private Dancer. I've gone for weeks without getting a single one, instead getting job events like "Ending the show with crazy gymnastics", or "Big tipper", or "Drunk guy on stage", or "Name-caller", or the ever annoying "No calls for private dances today." It seems to me that private dances are only possible if you get the "Private dance" event, which then has a chance to succeed, where you're given the option to take the job, or fail, where you get the "No dances today" message. The success/failure rate being decided by whether you're a Private Dancer or an Exotic Dancer.

    I'll now proceed to use Math to show that this setup is less than ideal. Let's say that the job events I've listed here are the only ones (There may be more, but I've forgotten), that gives a 1/5 chance to get the private dance event, which then has a further chance to succeed, let's say 1/2 (I don't know what it is really). This makes the chance of successfully getting a private dance 1/10 ( (1/5)*(1/2) ). Which means on average, you'll get a private dance once every two weeks. Assuming I've forgotten an event (which will make it 1/6), and the chances are just a little lower (1/3), the overall chance plummets to 1/18, which is about once a month.

    I'd love to see this re-worked so that the check for private dances takes place after the usual job event, so there's a straight flat chance of getting a private dance. And it'd be more realistic, too, since the on-stage events happen during your shift, and the private dances take place after, so they should both be able to happen.

  7. Few minor issues I've seen. Loaded from preveous version, Have reformed feet but instead of the heeled sneakers, just have regular ones and when I did the jogging, it did take me to the shower event but it still had the sneakers as worn.

  8. Yay for updates, me likey! Hmm.. one thing that might make testing a bit easier though, any chance of adding 'progress career' to the testing? I am still trying to get to the private dancer thing between updates and I keep resetting the character, so not quite getting to see some of the new content *sigh*

    (Not a big deal or an emergency, and the pacing is ok for a regular non-update playthrough just a thought)

  9. at the beach with the one peice swim suit
    when you click examine self it will say you are completely naked put on some clothes or not

    nothing big but just thought id point it out

    keep up the good work

  10. A minor issue I noted in the last few versions (I haven't tried this one yet) is that the sports bra can become 'unstuck' in the system. It will remain in your items worn list (the right column, with the 'worn' tag on it) but the system does not recognize it at all. Appearance does not register it as being worn, events (jogging, fight club), etc. The system *does*, however, register it as in your inventory, since it does not let you rebuy it. Additionally, you cannot unequip it.

    I am not sure, but I think this issue starts if you wear it to the beach (and then change out into something else), but I cannot be sure. I do know I had no issues with it until the versions which opened up the beach as a location (not sure which one that was).

  11. mhhh I just cant seem to find the "Hooker" Job i get to meet the two guys for the nude shoot... but they wont offer me the job either even thou my looks should be at max (66), and i cant figure out who offers you the hooker job

  12. The two guys at the strip club give you the unimplemented nude modelling job. To become a hooker, have sex with clients at the strip club whenever given the opportunity. When you've done it enough, you'll be prompted to change jobs as you leave the club.

  13. Have a problem in the beginning, saw fiery red head, then femme fatale, then femme again, then blonde girl, then femme again. Saw the same person 3 times. then mysterious woman.

  14. @Anon above, that happens when you fail an attempt at seducing one. If you succeed in all three you see each one once.

  15. I've noticed that using the Black Dildo triggers my period without fail.

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