Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Have I Mentioned How Awesome You People Are?

Thanks to generous donations, I've reached the goal for the month in less than 24 hours.

In thanks for all your support, I'm going to do an extra long stream next Thursday (that would be the 13th). I'm going to hopefully spend the next few days coming up with stuff that I can actually work on. If you have anything in particular that you'd like me to work on, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

And to reiterate: you people are fucking awesome. Thanks.


  1. I haven't donated anything yet but, Regular Pregnancy!

  2. Or an extra Maria encounter! It's wierd to never see her again after the first mission.

  3. Yes, more Maria!

    Also, lingerie and more random encounters.

    Congrats on reaching the donation limit.

  4. an anal trait would be awesome, and maybe futa/futa or other weird encounters would be interesting. more maria too, expand the main story, as anon from 10:57 said

  5. Breast shape decoupled from breast size?
    Plastic surgeon?
    Finish to Stripper career?
    Option to use strapon/handcuffs and other toys in one night stands?
    A sex dungeon to visit?
    Rare encounters with transformed people such as cat people and succubi?
    Lab experiments?
    Art store?
    Pubic and or body hair/leg hair as a trait?
    Leash for the collars?
    Sex attire?
    Night club other than the bar?
    Dance competition?

    Just some random ideas, it would be great just to see a few!

  6. implement the Body Crafting spell

  7. @killa

    Anonymous Man has explicitly stated that he does not want to include anal in his game as he is not a fan of it.

  8. Let us take people home and inflict transformations upon them?

  9. Why is it that coders of similar games never like anal?

  10. Glad to hear your bank account is doing ok~

    Anyways would love to see more things to do in game, its fairly empty right now.

    IDEALLY, some way to make more outside of your job so you can turn extra time into cash, maybe make it use a skill check.

    I'm thinking tutoring, and you can pick from various subjects, make it use a block or 2 of time?

    Hell you could even make it go way in-depth and add the student as a character you can interact with.

    Anyways food for thought.

  11. I would suggest for now just expanding things. So new locations to go to, people to date, things to do ect. The game is great and given its design its like a adult text version of the sims. Although at the moment there's not much to actually do outside your home aside from work or one night stands. Ideally i'd like to see you work on adding such stuff at least once a week.

  12. more futa stuff!

  13. I'd like to see the transformations have more effects... Effect daily living and sex especially. At this point, they really only seem to change traits and the like, and most of them don't have any effect on what happens. Alternatively, I'd like to second these:

    -Maria encounter
    -Option to use toys in one night stands
    -Rare encounters with transformed people
    -Lab experiments
    -Leash for the collars

    And to add my own: It'd be great to see the other three jobs implemented up to the level that the stripper job currently is.

  14. I too would like to see the other jobs implemented up to the level of the stripper job.

  15. For some reason, in the previous build, I found that the game jammed when I had problems removing the t-shirt and jeans. I was wearing those the previous day, had to get everything tailored. Was wearing the sweats to the club. Used the strip option, changed into waitress outfit, finished work, then used strip again and the get dressed button jammed the waitress uniform, t-shirt and jeans, and the sweats on. I could take the sweats off but neither one of the others. hope this helps.

  16. I'm going to add the weight of my voice on the side of more stuff to do besides work and one-night stands.

    Things like:

    Part-time job at the mall, possibly working at the stores, with possible discounts on items after a certain length of time working there.

    As mentioned, tutoring is a nice idea, and I'll add in some specifics, that you make more money if the session is related to your job (IE if you're a stripper, you tutor people at dancing).

    And then there's the option where if you've reached the highest tier of your job, and have been nice to Maria, you get the option to ask her if you could choose another job.

  17. -finishing the secretary career
    -all the promised clothes for the traits

  18. Maid/French Maid clothes
    stockings & lingerie

  19. Will the Alteration spells eventually be able to affect lip/butt/hip size?

  20. Randomize one night stands a bit more, read your mail.

  21. the off chance of twins or more during normal pregnancys?

    somthing like

    you feel your swelling faster than usual for a common pregnancy

    but its up to you realy
    - twichie -

  22. Updates for the secretary career or the other non-stripper career tracks would be great.

    Sorry to hear about your xbox live account getting hacked. I hope it gets resolved quickly and you get your money back soon.

  23. I know it's a lot to do, but finish pregnancy?

  24. ... All of the above!

  25. Had to toss in my part to help ya out.

    Ya already know i'm pinning for Robo-Girl :P

  26. How about Chelsea Charms-sized breasts?

  27. Hmm... more belly inflation would be salaciously delicious.

    On other matters software and lip balm are still not working if you had purchased them pre-current build. Minor annoyance (my skills are maxed) but I'm sure there are others in a more precarious position then I am.

  28. Being able to visit the Nines during your time off or late at night could net some interesting encounters. Maybe even an amateur night or some such. Though I didn't donate I hope you consider the idea anyway. Good luck with working out the bank issues they can be a real pain.

  29. How about the service career with the option of becoming a fetish maid/sex toy for a rich perverted Woman?

  30. Some Suggestions I thought of:

    - Job: Bishojo Programer (Hentai game programer), Professional Xbox Live hacker... :P, Librarian Career with some sort of cult in teh basement

    - Hentai/ yoai games on the computer

    -In-case Maria doesn't like you, the ability to randomly find a spell enabling book or something. Alternative methoid of gain the transformations found in the lab.

    - Possible masturbation toy: Male Sex Doll with changeable wangs

    - Random events on the phone, possible events that can add or subtract morality, gain money, result in a body change, sex hotline, cell phone add in, etc

    Far fetched idea:
    - Astrology signs: Based on seleced signs, it has an impact on some events in world

    - Cosmetic Surgen for those without magic tf abilities.

  31. Also wanted to add to that about the phone, with a Cell phone (or the computer) say dates could be arranged or cults/groups could be joined for meeting at the bar or a resturant or something

  32. @Anon with far-fetched ideas

    AM has stated that there will be no other way to learn magic beyond the current way available.

  33. More options to do with the salon chick and events round her like flirting dating etc

  34. I like the "hot librarian" look, so I would like a store that sells eyeglasses and the ability to put my character's hair in a bun.

  35. I'd honestly like to see more done with the submissive / slave traits. I want to see that bad end eventually! =D.