Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Update 10/5

Please don't forget to read this post.

Major Updates
- New random event enables a new location: Abandoned Warehouse, the location of the city's illicit fight club. You can only go there once, currently, but I'll add to it some more next time, so you can fight different fighters for bonuses like cash.

Minor Updates
- The thighmaster no longer changes your fitness or burns fat. It's strictly for shaping your butt (hence why it doesn't consume time to use it). It also works to push your butt towards "pert, heart-shaped", instead of just slimming it down, because that didn't make much sense.
- Novice Stripper, Stripper, Exotic Dancer, and Private Dancer will now lose a little fat from working.
- Renamed the file from Cursed Rebuild to just Cursed. Not at all important to anyone but me, I'm sure.

Bug Fixes
- Lip balm can now be applied, and wears off properly as well.
- Ballroom dancing now shows proper descriptions of the action.
- Weight limits have been changed so that going to the tailor to get your clothes properly fitted, or buying new clothes/underwear will not lower or raise your weight.
- Fixed hip changes (inflatable dildo was working fine; the system to change hip sizes wasn't)
- Platform shoes and platform boots will now work correctly when you leave the strip club.

Known Bugs
- Lip growth does not progress beyond normal (already fixed, but I'll put out a more comprehensive update tomorrow at some point). 

Important Note
I have to work a normal day shift tomorrow, so there will be no 10/6 stream, unfortunately. But I will be back on Friday, so rejoice.


  1. Thanks for the fixes!

    I hope fighting would not necessarily add dominance, even if you win all of your fights. Slaves can fight for their masters too.

    I have been wondering, is it safe for strippers to forget their shoes and go back for them when leaving the club? I have been worried that doing so would add to some hidden trait like forgetfulness or bimbo.


  2. I can't seem to get lips past being described as "normal."

  3. as above, plus:
    -i can't wear underwear anymore because of periods, unfortunately i have morning nausea and tampons in my bathroom...
    -a typo in ballroom class, the window always mentions a man even when you dances with a girl

  4. I don't know if this has been reported yet, but:

    Buying the t-shirt and jeans seems to transform me from having a curvy body, to a chubby big body. The other clothes in the store don't cause this to happen.

    I have tested this with 3 different characters:
    -1 clean from the beginning, no cheats or skip intro.
    -2 skip intro only
    -3 skip intro + extra cash + extra fitness.

    This is not something unique to this build, but previous versions also had this problem, but I hadn't pinpointed it to the t-shirt and jeans yet.

  5. -Drug Dealer phone number isn't working.

    -Before the first period, there is stuff saying I can't wear underwear because of a period. As above anon said, tampons are in the bathroom but this appears to be a bug where the period effects are activating, but the activation text isn't showing up. Eventually, I would get my normal period 2/3 into the month. But I would say 4-5 days before that until you actually get your period, you can't wear panties and tampons aren't being used. (April tested only so far)

    -Confirmed lip issues. Only normal lips are shown, even when using lip balm in every instance I can.

    Other than that, really liking what you're adding into the game. Keep it up!

  6. Should have specified more on drug dealer. Can call number, get the text. But, on going to the mall (in same time period or next time period) he would not show up.

  7. Ever thought of decoupling breast size and breast shape? Or a plastic surgeon for a pretty penny? Just a thought.

  8. Do 'motherly hips' increase fertility?

  9. My Poker software disappeared off the computer but Worst Buy says I already own it.

  10. Never mind, poker is fine was a problem with getting 10-4 save to associate with 10-5.

  11. Lip balm still isn't working for me.

  12. I seem to be beginning the cow TF, despite not doing anything that should have started it. I'm not entirely certain, but it seems to be coming from the drug dealer's milk.

  13. Anon above, the drug dealer's milk doesn't change you into a cow. Read the wiki.

  14. OK, I get to the point where Maria offers you the chance to sell the artifact and I accept. Then all the navigational buttons disappear and I am stuck then and can't continue with the game. Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  15. nope, i'm stuck as well... *sigh*

  16. I'm not getting any change in butt or lip size either yet... though i've repeatedly used the gloss and thighmaster for 2 months straight.

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