Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update 10/20 + The Challenge

Done for the day. I like these long days. I get a lot done.

So here's the details on the challenge. You'll notice that the donation button has been changed to a new goal of $500. If I manage to reach that goal before the end of the year (as it represents the remainder of the donations for the year anyway), then I will reward the intarwebs with a 12 hour stream of coding, date to be determined.

Now here's where it starts to get crazy.

If I managed to reach double the goal, $1000, before the end of the year, I will reward the intarwebs with a 12 hour stream, and a twenty-four hour continuous stream (date to be determined). That is, I will start at 8 or 9 in the morning, and go until 8 or 9 the following morning. I can't guarantee it'll all be coding, but I will stream the whole time, non-stop (the stream will continue while I eat and such).

In addition, normal donation incentives remain in place. So if you donate, you get to request something to be added to the game.

And finally, if I reach the $1000 goal, I'll donate 1/5 or 1/4 (depending on personal financial situation) to charity, most likely Penny Arcade's Child's Play.

So it's a crazy fucking idea, but with your help, I'll record myself going slowly crazy in a livestream.

Note: For anyone that's hesitant to donate because they are worried about my health, I would like to be clear that I am volunteering for this, and if it gets to the point during the stream that I or the viewers get worried about my well-being, I will take necessary precautions. So don't worry about me.

Additional Note: I'm trying to get Fenoxo to do this with me, because I think it would be funny as hell, plus more money for charity. If I can get in contact with Xadera and Nuku Valente, I'll try to convince them too. If you know someone working on a game that may be interested, point them my way and we'll see what they say. Imagine four, six or ten game developers all working for 12 to 24 hours straight on the games you love, while going nuts. How funny would that be?

Major Updates
- Hooker job (male clients) complete, and some female client stuff implemented.

Minor Updates
- Set Arousal to 50% is available on the testing item again.
- After working out at home only (so the yoga mat, weight kit, and treadmill) you will not automatically shower. Any activity that takes you out of the apartment (jogging, gym, dojo), as long as you don't have the slob trait, you will automatically shower.
- Treadmill, Yoga, Weight Kit, Gym and Dojo now have requirements for appropriate clothing and underwear. Specifically, if your breasts are too big (size requirement dependent on activity), then you will not get the full benefit of the workout and likely have to deal with an arousal increase. Sports bras, people. They are your friend. Some activities simply cannot be performed if your breasts are ridiculously big.
- More breast sizes implemented. Now, grow your breasts all the way up to K!
- Weight and Fitness are now intrinsically linked: if you are too fat, your maximum fitness is limited. This won't be a big deal to most people, as becoming fit lowers your weight anyway.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed underwear, so it should be properly wearable when you're not having your period.
- Adjusted inhuman pregnancy to reset your period when you give birth to whatever it is you're carrying.
- All jewelry now goes into the jewelry holding object properly.
- The bulletin board now shows the proper requirements for job promotion (forgot to adjust them when I decoupled fitness and weight).
- No need to worry about shoes when jogging: because it's not traveling to a new location, the game will no longer bother with checking your footwear. Which will also fix the problem of the game sending you to the bathroom wearing shoes.
- The error that was causing problems with the Hooker blowjob has been fixed.


  1. Fixed a bug with the shoes (it can sleep and to bathe, and so a few days in a row)?

  2. If you have no interest in developing this game in the future. Will you be handing over the source code to the community?

  3. text after the link to download still have the "(Updated 10/17)"

  4. Well not unwearable for me but still kinda bugged. Loaded a save from yesterday build that had the unwearable bug and tried to wear some underwear. i can wear them BUT i have that can of message :
    "You put on the white corset and panties.
    You cannot wear the white corset and panties. You need to remove the white corset and panties first."

    Look like he try to put them twice, at least i can wear them now.

  5. Unable to wear underwear, at all, here. Always says you can't wear it today. (And underwear is spelled incorrectly as 'undewear'.) Was my first time to try this and am glad to find out I'm not the only one having the issue, but seems strange to always have to run around without underwear.

  6. Same message as above Anonymous, tells me I can't wear underwear (sports bra and shorts) due to my "unchecked period" despite Maria not having shown up. Date in game is Apr. 9th.

  7. Okay, I know exactly what the problem with underwear is. I'll fix it first thing tomorrow.

  8. Breast sizes are implemented... But not displaying, sadly!

  9. To those who want to wear underwear: Underwear is wearable after your first period ends. (During it as well, if you get tampons)

  10. yeah but you cannot have your first period until after Maria's first visit. So that is a big bug. And i got the period problem on April 9, 2012 game time which is not supposed to happen.

  11. Yes, I know. But A-Man's already said he's going to fix it. I'm just giving this as an "In the meantime" kind of thing.

  12. I understand how from a realism perspective, your clothes should affect the activities you can perform, but from a gameplay perspective, would you consider perhaps a way to save at least two outfits? Having to constantly switch between exercise clothes and hooker clothes gets repetitive.

  13. An interesting bug, but if you get undressed in the washroom instead of bedroom, you get to keep the cloths you just got out of in inventory.

  14. sorry to report but as i tried to put on the sports bra, it stated that i was on my period which was weird because it was day 1. It said it was out of control.

  15. A 24 hour stream seems like a bad idea... Wouldn't you be tired, and thus the quality of work degraded by that point? Wouldn't three 12 hour streams be more effective than a 12 hour and a 24 hour stream?

  16. an idea for sport clothes : could you add an option to the closet "wear sport clothes", so that way it's still save what we were wearing before. That will make an easy switch between everyday and sport clothes.

  17. Yay update goodness! So playing with it and absolutely loving all the new stuff. I'll likely have more feedback in a little bit but my brain is flighty so here are some of the bugs I am running into, all small and none are game-breakers:

    1) At the start of the game cannot put on underwear because my period is not being handled
    2) Once I can put on underwear it tells me I have to buy new ones because those do not fit (so they are not getting resized, don't know if that is intentional?)
    3) When putting on the tied-on underwear it puts them on but then tries to put them on again and says it cannot
    4) With the sports bra and shorts I cannot do yoga or treadmill (because I am wearing the wrong clothes) even though I can do both naked
    5) Do not have an option to put on the revealing underwear

    That's it so far, I'll keep looking, enjoying the journey :)

  18. You're the best, man. No bug reporting, complaining or supportive criticism here, just telling you that you are the best.

  19. Just chiming in on the yoga and breasts issue as well. I'm assuming that a check was supposed to be added in for sports bra, or underwear in general. Other exercise activities that check for a bra, such as jogging, are working properly, but the yoga mat is not.

    It could be related to the fact that the sports bra is trying to be worn twice in a row, much like the latex keyhole dress. Only, the second message is "you can't wear blah blah blah"

  20. It's a little annoying to have to go through an excessive amount of clicking (put on the sweatsuit, go to the balcony, use exercise device, go shower, change clothes)
    Is there any way we can have a toggle that lets us decide if we want to automatically shower after home exercise? It just seems to be a lot of tedious clicking for people who don't want the slob trait.

  21. Sports Bra doesn't work for big breasts when using the treadmill. You get the arousal message instead.

  22. I hope nobody's said this yet, but when you equip two different pairs of gloves, you can't take either of them off. When you try to take off one, the game only prompts you to take off the other instead. In one save, I had fingerless gloves and leather gloves equipped. Since I couldn't remove them, I gained the Leather Fetish after a month or two. Thus, the decrease in inhibitions while wearing the leather gloves is applied indefinitely. I'm currently stuck with this.