Friday, October 21, 2011

Update 10/21

Yeah, okay, it's over. That's another week in the can.

No major updates today.

Minor Updates
- New command on the closet: Get Dressed for Exercise. Using this command will automatically strip you naked and put on the sports bra (if available) and the sweatsuit. It will not change your last worn clothes, so you can still use Get Dressed to put your standard clothes on.

Bug Fixes
- Period bug fixed. Finally. Underwear will not be double-worn, and you can wear underwear during your period if you have tampons available. About damn time too.
- The spiked collar and regular collar will go into the middle drawer when removed.
- When removing clothes and underwear in the bathroom, they will be properly removed from your inventory and put it the proper container items.
- Wearing just the sports bra will allow you to use the home exercise equipment without any kind of penalty.
- Fixed a bug with random travel events when Induce Luck was active.

- I'm not going to add a toggle to shower after exercising, meaning it will still be up to the player to do that themselves. Reason: if you toggle it on, you'll always shower after exercising, which a) requires more clicks if you were planning to do some additional exercise, and b) can all but prevent you from getting the Slob trait. Contrary to popular belief, the Slob trait is specifically a penalty, not actually something that you'll want to get, for failing to take care of your looks.


  1. - just a suggestion: automatic shower can be an option in the shower menu that can be on or off like the martial arts meditation. when on, you automatically shower yourself when off you can be as dirty as you want


  2. forgot to say:
    - when off you shower after every sweating event (inside and outside the house)

  3. correction: read when on above

  4. Something I've noticed since the beginning, but have never really brought up: If you're in the early stages of pregnancy when Maria comes to call, it is possible to be sent to the bathroom via morning sickness and avoid her completely. To an extent. You won't be able to leave the house, since you can't get dressed, but you'd be able to putter around the house and waste time until you decide to go back into your room and go to sleep again. If you have morning sickness the next day as well, then you could, theoretically, repeat the process.

    A possible fix could be to have Morning Sickness act like Periods, where it describes you going to the bathroom without actually moving you there.

  5. One thing - now after going above H-cups the description changes to "you have breasts".

  6. ghost of shittymanOctober 21, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    He tested breast sizes in the stream and they were working fine. If you're having description issues, did you load your save from a previous version?

  7. I cant figure out why my character is always trapped in the appartment. I have finished the intro, read the job folders, dressed, gone to the foyer to put on shoes, and then tried to leave the foyer- it doesnt work. the front door wont right click, the nav compass only alows back to the living room, the box infront of the room name doesnt allow for clicking or right clicking. I naved from and to the bar just fine during the required times of the intro, but even waiting for the labratory theft quest doesnt allow me to leave- I have no idea why. I have downloaded the latest version of the game made certain that rags and cursed are both accessable with full permissions, and unblocked, tried in compatibility mode. None of it seems to help. I am stuck for more ideas -uninstall and reinstall didnt work- and my character is stuck in her appartment.
    Help? this looks like a fun game from the intro Id love to play it more.

  8. Ghost - yep, from 10-20. But frankly, considering how far in the game I am, I'd rather have missing desc. than starting over, at least for now.

    Anon - have You read both notes?

  9. I have an issue where the sweatsuit is stuck in my inventory but not worn. Only context option I get is to examine it.

  10. I'm having the same issue with the sports bra and sweatsuit. It happens to me when I return home from the beach, when I went in my exercise clothing. Upon return, I am wearing normal clothing and my exercise wear is in my inventory and I can only examine it.

  11. Looks like going jogging still automatically tosses you into the shower wearing your sneakers. New game and everything.

    Also, having a one night stand with the college student (the one you don't get a choice to seduce or not) doesn't raise sex skill or give points toward the slut/nymphomaniac traits.

  12. I have a question about the Slob trait. If you forget once in a while, and then shower for like a week afterwards, and do that a bunch of times, will you still get the trait, or does it reset itself, either by counting down, or just going back to zero?

  13. @Apartment-stuck Anonymous:

    You've READ the folders, but have you TAKEN any of the JOBS after READing about them?

    (i.e. a folder will gain another option after you read it (right-click a second time). NOTE: only two jobs are available at the moment.)

  14. How to move for work strip (this is necessary shall say to Alice? Or should happen automatically? Or even a random event?)

  15. If you go jogging without appropriate clothes, you put on sneakers instead of a sweatsuit.

    I got the sweatsuit stuck at the strip club locker bug another person mentioned, but I didn't notice it until I needed something tailored, so I couldn't tell what caused it, only confirm it exists.

    Werewolf transformations stop working once you've given in enough for your instincts to reach 50.

  16. I found a glitch where me sweatsuit gets pinned to my character, it just sits in my inventory and I can equip it or remove it. It sucks because it has pretty much broken that character since I need to have it to do any sort of exercise now.

  17. For the hooker job, I skipped the intro, so was set bisexual.

    Going to the job I got a female client who wanted a "blowjob". After the initial description of the job, though (when you are at the getting in the car part) it switches back over to a male client.

  18. I also found that if you "Get Dressed" in your bedroom, your outer garments always "needs to be tailored" even though if you wear it manually, it can correctly say if you need it to be refitted or not.

  19. @anonymous with the sweatsuit glitch. look at the 10/20 post.

  20. you can go to the beach naked if you go without clothing b4 you buy a swimsuit

  21. I encountered these 2 issues:
    *If you "dress for exersice" and forget to change to "normal" dressing before going to the stripper job, the sweatsuit will be left there in the locker if you use it's "get dressed" menu.

    *If you were already wearing shoes when you go jogging (because you wore them manually, or you returned froma a location) you will arive in the bathroom still wearing them.

  22. Withdrawal from steroid doesn't appear to be ending.

  23. Apartment-stuck Anonymous:
    -DOH! Thanks.
    I was so focused on two of the jobs that I never even read the other two, so of course never had the option of 'taking' a job, thus was unable to leave. It works now that I took one of the jobs. Thanks again.
    - Question though, how long is the period supposed to last. IRL the average period is 3-6 days, it seems to be lasting a lot longer now (april 17th - may 3rd game time) or is this the period bug people are talking about? I plenty have of tampoons and am taking birth control pills

  24. Height increase from the growth inducer seems to be stuck in an endless loop for me, without the actual increase. Instead of height increasing at the end of the sequence of events, it just goes back to the beginning of the sequence.

    Not certain, but it could be because I got the random event that causes height increase right before the inducer one should have finished.