Monday, October 10, 2011

Stream Delayed

Got some real life issues happening this morning, but I'm hoping to start around noon (two hours later than normal). I'll be back to normal streaming tomorrow, promise.

Things that were requested via donations:
- Purple Hair (easy, let's do that today!)
- Problems due to big breasts (or other body shapes)
- Puppy Girl TF (the donator requested either dog-like actions, or a dog transformation, and I'm debating which one I want to do).
- Visit Strip Club as a customer (planned!)
- Hairstyles, as opposed to just color and length. Also, a way for Genevieve to give you a random makeover.


  1. AM, I was wondering if you would like to create a Slime/Goo girl TF for me? Or you can just name something after me. Either one works, but please let me know what you decide to do.

  2. I'm hoping for more dominant encounters. I'm working on a succubus TF and I'd love to see her dominate more people in the bed.

  3. A dog transformation!!! You can't never have enough TF's XD