Monday, October 10, 2011

Update 10/10

I hate repetitive events.

Major Updates
- Two new fighters in the fight club.

Minor Updates
- Tweaked the chances of running into a random encounter. Note that the first person that complains that they are now too frequent...I will chop your head off.
- Purple hair is now available in dye form and from random events.

Bug Fixes
- Pregnancy test should now work properly (human pregnancies only).
- I know I fixed some other stuff, but I can't remember what.


  1. Don't get pregnant(11 cum in, 4 in special days)
    Stupid mail dresser(purchase all dress could i be fat,then lost weight - and now she does not wear dresses and not replaced in the store)

  2. @warlord

    Dresses that you can't use because your body changes, can be tailored to fit again at mall.

    I sent you a mail about better randomize.

  3. randum evints r 2 friquint

  4. This has probably been asked many and more times before but I'm new.. are there plans to implement the blogger profession soon? Gotta fight the powah, mon.

  5. The purple Dye does not show up at the drug store.

  6. Well, I throw up one day but the next I'm not doing anything and pregnancy test doesn't say anything and it's a human pregnancy too because I don't have the black dildo.

  7. ^OP

    Andd I really am pregnant now with a human child, but the pregnancy test comes back negative.

  8. I shower daily but when I leave for work it says I haven't more often than not. I recall that the weight kit caused you to need to shower after use, but the yoga mat did not. Has that changed?

  9. @ everyone talking about pregnancy tests:

    Though they are 100% accurate, they only work after the pregnancy has progressed past a certain point.

    An interesting fact: The pregnancy test is "Still" positive, even if it's the first positive reading you get. Hopefully this will be fixed when human pregnancies are actually finished.

  10. Just found this game recently. I like it a lot.
    Here are a couple suggestions for items.

    Cheap netbook
    Should be cheap enough to buy with the starting money so the blogger proffesion has a place to work. Can only surf the web or do typing practice.

    Cross stitch or knitting supplies.
    Could have a Femininity requirement raises dexterity and femininty. Perhaps use for the finished products if dexterity was high while they were made.

  11. I've been mauled by the wolf twice, nothing happens after that.

  12. @Ramia
    Dresses that you can't use because your body changes, can be tailored to fit again at mall.

    This not worked, pay success(91$) and nothing...
    Better do as well as with underwear that is not the right vanished.