Friday, November 11, 2011

Update 11/11

Happy Veteran's Day to those in the United States, and Happy Remembrance Day to those in Canada (and other British Commonwealth countries). Though I don't think you're really supposed to wish people a happy day...

Major Updates
- New footwear: sandals. Three different kinds. The strappy versions will increase your charisma even if you're not very skilled with the type of heel (they are analogous to the short and tall heels for skill requirements). However, make sure you read the rest of the notes: they're not always a good idea.
- New clothing: socks and stockings. Nylons and Sheer nylons increase non-natural charisma just by wearing them, while knee high socks, stockings and fishnet stockings require you to find the right footwear to get the bonus.

Minor Updates
- Cold and Warm days have an effect now. If you wear the cashmere overcoat on a Warm day, your arousal will go up slightly, as you get too hot. On cold days, if you're not wearing the cashmere overcoat, you will suffer a slight penalty to health. If you're wearing sandals or skimpy clothes, the health penalty will be worse (maxes out at 4 points, so it's still not a huge worry).

Bug Fixes
- None, really. There weren't any reported that I could fix.

And Request Week is done! I didn't get all of the requests I had planned out added, but they should be added within the next few days of work.

I'll be streaming Skyrim before I go to work today, but I have some other stuff to do first. I'll let you know when that's up.


  1. The socks and stockings are not in any store and with the ES rings you can choose to wear them at the store without buying them.

  2. confirmed with what anon said, can't find the stockings...and the ES stuff was available to wear in 11-9

  3. found one small bug with lactation, unless it isn't....I used the breast pump after showering, got dressed, and went to work, lactation accident was triggered

  4. i was wondering if you had any plans for more maria or the next teir for secretary or either of the of jobs
    if i missed a blog or discussion about this i apologize and beg your forgiveness

  5. Is anyone else having problems downloading from Mediafire? Is there something I have to do first in order to access the file? All I get is a blank screen and a popup.

  6. Is there a way to transfer one a saved game from one build to another. because I really don't like all my work. and all my stats

  7. Regarding save games, RAGS is supposed to provide that feature, but it appears to be buggy. The alternate method is to use the "testing item" to "Export State" on your old save file and then "Import State" in a new game. However this method will not save all of your character building.

    If it is not too much to ask, can we have at least one day per week dedicated to expanding the story or plot or jobs? I think the story hasn't been touched in at least a month. I'd would love to know how you plan on furthering a career as sex workers. Would we get to work in a whorehouse that caters to different fetishes, like gang bangs, BDSM, bukkake, interracial or others?

    As for rape fantasies not being acceptable because rape is terrible, I do think what Maria is doing is a lot worse than rape. Short of hypocrisy, there is no way transforming anybody into a "giggly bimbo stripper" and having total control of the victim's mind is less serious or less traumatizing than rape and Maria is free to create more victims.

    If fantasy rape is simply not your thing, that is okay and I can accept that; there are a lot of fetishes that I don't care for myself. Otherwise, scantily clothed women with a tramp stamp inviting sexual use should have a chance to be raped, and a chance to escape or the opportunity to submit and increase her fetish for rape.

  8. Why should someone have 'a chance to be raped' depending on how they're dressed? Even in the context of a game that's a gross train of thought you have.

  9. Is the revealing underwear usable? All I can do after purchasing is to examine it.

  10. There seems to be an issue with the new shoes, while selected and indicated as being (worn) my character seems to insist on some how wearing sneakers over them.

    And as previously noted the nylons/socks seem to be MIA.

  11. another bug....a trait refuses to show when looking at traits, sexual and normal, lactation

  12. @ghost of shittyman
    By gross you mean for stereotyping rape as the victims were asking for it or for even wanting rape content to be included in the game?

    If it was the latter, you have your opinion and I have mine. If fantasizing about rape equates to being a rapist, then rapes around the world would have exploded exponentially and I would have been charged with several counts of rape myself. Fortunately for a lot of people, that isn't true, and I haven't raped nor do I wish to rape.

    If it was the former, that you feel that this stereotyping is bad and that the chance of being raped should be expanded to all characters, regardless of how they dress, that too is fine with me. I only suggested it as a common rape fantasy stereotype and thus a possible convenient mechanism for players who wish to avoid or to experience in-game rape. And even if they do like to be sluts but don't want to be raped, they could have the option to fight back through training in martial arts or escape by running. Or perhaps even report the would-be rapist to the police who will remove the rapist from the game permanently.

  13. Oh, and I missed an easy jab.

    Cursing a woman into an impossibly horny slut who must rape herself to stop her curse? That is gross even in the context of a game!

    Cursing a woman into a giggly bimbo stripper, which would leave her completely vulnerable to sexual exploitation? That is gross even in the context of a game!

    Cursed has both gross ideas and more?! Ban it! Think of the children!

  14. @AM said

    "If it is not too much to ask, can we have at least one day per week dedicated to expanding the story or plot or jobs?"

    Agree 10000 times. Weather and new items are always good, but without new story elements it's useless.

    And about rape... I think it must be some roleplay, because real like rape is... for me it's not exciting, but if our character seduses some shady characters and get some rough sex action at the corner of the street it's ok I think.

    Sry for language (not native speaker) and I hope u can understand what I say.

    Thx for u work on this game!

  15. I think I do understand what you said. It is the same for me in regards to lesbians, they are usually boring for me because they won't fuck men.

    Thankfully AM has gone to great lengths to accommodate most of us, by providing methods to avoid many scenarios that we don't care for. Don't want to become infected by a werewolf? Get fit or train hard in martial arts. Got infected but still don't want to become a werewolf? Follow this twelve step guide to becoming a regular human girl again.

    Thank you very much AM.

  16. I feel like showering is broken, since I have to shower after doing almost anything and forgetting to shower once basically sets me back towards getting the slob trait.

  17. I kinda like the fact you still get lactation accidents inspite of milking. I think it makes a bigger impact on the whole ''Your actions have consequences'' theme that the game is abiding by.

  18. hi hi was thinking about your cum addict trait wouldn't maybe having a gloryhole at the mall help with it some ?